Wednesday, February 11, 2009

The Little Things

There are so many other things I should be doing right now, but well, I am rebelling today (sort of like every day...).

We are planning to have a garage sale this weekend - there is so much I need to do. I still have to pull everything out and take pictures of a few things. We won't be ready I'm sure. Last minute kind of people are we! {Yoda?}

Last weekend we pulled out a bunch of stuff from our old office (spare room, uh junk cave). We plan on making that room Port's room until he learns to sleep through the night. Then we will eventually move him in with Kiddo and they can share a room for sleeping and then have a toy/play room next door. We have pretty much concluded that any sleep training we do with Port will be utterly useless until he is out of our room. Can you imagine trying to let a child cry it out when you are lying in bed just 2 feet from him?? Riiiight!

So we pulled out all this stuff - one of the things being an old desk of Hubby's. The desk has 3 drawers that were full of my things; office supplies and whatnot. I found all kinds of fun stuff, including a couple of journals. I have always *wanted* to be a journal kind of person. Every few years or so I buy a new one, vow to write daily and after about 3 months of sporadic entries I fling the book in a drawer and never look at it again. This blog has been the closest thing I have to a regular journal; I've been at it for almost 3 years now.

Anyway, tucked into one of these journals was a couple of pieces of paper folded in half. On the paper (the back of a Vitamin World inventory print out of all things) I wrote what appears to be a sort of "bucket list". Written almost 9 years ago, it has 40 things I labeled as "My Goals In Life".

When I wrote this, I was a newlywed, fresh out of college and about to move cross country far away from all our friends and family. I sat down one day at work and made this list of things I wanted to accomplish. I thought it would be fun to share them with you.

What's funny is even though the list itself seems ridiculous, I actually have done several of the things listed here...

1. Be a jazz singer (successful, Diana Krall status) - ha ha, ho ho, hee hee!
2. Successfully have and raise at least 2 children - check off the "have" part!
3. Live in Hawaii - oh how I wish!
4. Cut a successful album - (see response to #1)
5. Be involved in the fashion/modeling industry again - I actually did this for a little over a year when we lived in AZ
6. Be featured in a magazine - yes, I was!
7. Be featured on television - well, sort of. I did a coupe of commercials and an infomercial that was on DVD.
8. Be in shape - HA HA HA HA HA !!!!
9. Develop a regular workout routine and stick to it - hmm, does the month and a half I worked out with my friend from work count??
10. Get the abs I've always wanted - HA! little did I know, singing gave me the best abs I was ever going to get.
11. Direct or star in a major opera (again) - uh yeah, that would require singing.
12. Teach at a university in a full time, tenure track position. - oh my this is humorous!
13. Sing the national anthem at a televised sporting event. - still wanting to do this one.
14. Perform at a music or TV awards show.
15. Own a popular coffee house. - actually, this was in the plans when we moved to AZ; it just never happened. maybe some day...
16. Teach voice (have my own studio)
17. Travel the world (Germany, France, England, Australia, California) -I did go to Germany and California
18. Take a trip riding my own motorcycle. - well I did own a motorcycle for a few years, but I never took a trip on it.
19. Complete my graduate work in the normal amount of time at ASU - LOL! *snort*
20. Earn a doctorate
21. Learn Photography - yay! I did this one!
22. Learn guitar - well...
23. Be fluent in another language - does Kiddo Speak count?
24. Be a make up artist - this one I have kind of done
25. Be a hairdresser.
26. Write a book.
27. Have published poetry - does the high school poetry mag count?
28. Record a song partially or completely written by me.
29. Make 1 million $ in one year. - ooh yes please!
30. Own a corvette
31. Be in a professional photo shoot - I think at the time I meant as a model, and I have accomplished that.
32. Live in a beautiful house designed by Hubby - someday!
33. Have a 50th and a 75th wedding anniversary.
34. Live in comfortable wealth - wouldn't we all like that?!
35. Be extremely involved in or an integral part of a good church - workin' on it.
36. Own a dog. - done
37. Witness a cat having kittens or a dog having puppies.
38. Have a fashionable, quality, elegant wardrobe.
39. Have a positive impact on a child's life.
40. Have a positive impact on a friend's life.

So, there is my (and your) laugh for the day.

D ;)


Julia said...

Love your list. Well, you can check off #40. :-)

Dawn said...

Aww Julia! Thank you!

Mollie said...

ditto julia :)

i'm a little stumped on the witness a cat having kittens being in the same list as making a million in a year ;)

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