Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Little Friend

I am blogging today. I am, I am, I am! I have been wanting to all week, but it has just been impossible to sit down and get my thoughts in order.

Of course, that would mean I actually have thoughts...


Anyway, I do have thoughts, lots of them. And they are good and interesting and most definitely blog worthy. Unfortunately, I have these marvelous thoughts when I am in the shower, driving down the road, doing the laundry, being led around the house by the baby, playing with the boys, changing diapers, cooking dinner....

Do you see what I face here? If only there were a device that I could strap on my waist and connect some sort of electrodes to my head - a device that would record my thoughts as I have them, because they are so good at the moment I think them, but I can never remember them later.

I'll get right on that.

Ugh. So let's see... I had to go get new tires for the van today. While some might think it was a luxury, I actually was dreading it because it's not exactly something we can afford. Unfortunately, the van inspection is up this month and it most definitely would not have passed inspection with the bald goodness wrapped around the wheels. Thankfully we sold our wagon a few weeks ago and had that money to put towards the new tires. It always amazes me how quickly one can spend a large chunk of change like that. That money would have been much more useful for say, a girls weekend in a hotel somewhere or a nice spa visit. But I digress...

At the tire place, Kiddo made an instant best friend out of another little boy waiting with his mom. Matthew was 3 1/2 but equally matched to my Kiddo. They spent the entire 45 minute wait "fighting" like different superheroes. It was quite the show, the kicking, the punching, the "hi-ya!"(s) all around. They flung themselves at each other non stop, all the while keeping a safe 4-6 inches away from landing a punch or a kick. Matthew's mom told me that he had a little brother at home too, and that he couldn't play like that with his little brother so this play time with Kiddo was a treat. It was quite the treat for Kiddo too. They discussed every one's names and even told each other flat out that "I like you." Can I get an awwww???!?

Tonight I have some beans cooking on the stove and they will be accompanied by corn bread. I have been wanting to make a pot of beans for a while. I remember as a kid absolutely loving the nights we had beans and cornbread for dinner. Sadly now, with the pot bubbling on my stove, the memory I am being bombarded with is the smell of my maternal grandmother's house. It's not a fond memory. I guess she ate beans a lot because this is exactly what her house always smelled like. I am hoping the cornbread makes things more pleasant.

Port has been doing better and worse in the sleep department. He seems to really like his room; each night we spend a good chunk of time playing in the crib. When he is ready to go to sleep, he reaches for me and I hold him for only a minute or two before he is out. He is sleeping around 4-5 hours now before his first waking which is wonderful. Unfortunately, he has been fighting a cold and when he does wake, it's usually because he can't breathe. He gets soooooo mad, and it is so hard to calm him back down. Just going to our bed like I used to won't cut it. I have to walk, bounce, lay down, sit up, move around like a mad woman until I find the right combination and position that makes him comfortable. Last night was by far the worst. After giving up on putting him back in the crib I took him to bed where he exploded in anger. I left our room and went back to his, and the only way he would calm down and sleep was if I sat in the chair in there. I kept falling asleep myself, which made me nervous that I was going to drop him. I had to sit there for well over an hour (awake) before he was comfortable and asleep enough for me to put him back in the crib. He only slept there for round 2 for about an hour. At 4am, Hubby woke me because Port was in his crib screaming. I had forgotten to turn the monitor back on and was sleeping to heavy to hear it.

I don't want to just let him cry right now because he is sick and crying only makes his congestion worse. Yesterday afternoon he puked on me 3 times after a bottle. I guess his little tummy was sour from all the drainage because it didn't really seem to phase him and he was a happy little camper after it was done. We've been putting the humidifier in his room at night, but he still wakes up kind of barky anyway.

So if he is feeling better we may try CIO this weekend, but I still haven't decided for sure. And while he is sleeping better and longer in the first stretch, I am still not getting any sleep because I don't usually get to bed until he has been down for a few hours.

Well this is all I have. I will try to be more interesting next time.

D :)


Julia said...

Oh no. You have a sick kid too? When will this germy season EVER end? Good luck with the CIO. I've always been conflicted about doing it too, and when we have, it's been unintentional. It's always been because the monitor got turned off during the day and forgotten to be turned on at night. After that, my kids have slept overnight.

Jen said...

We have had many a night like that with Lily...I just try and tell myself that this too shall pass =)

Jen said...

oh ya and I ditched the monitor awhile ago actually, makes all the difference. my room is not far down the hall so i hear her if she is really fussing, but i don't generally hear the run of the mill baby noise. gotta love that!

Barb said...

You crack me up with your comment about your grandma's house...hope the cornbread made it better.

W is having issues with sleep right now too...probably a combo between now being used to getting up and his teeth. I am so ready for all those things to come in already!

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