Tuesday, February 17, 2009

This Bird

I set out today to write a funny post, and the mess that is below is what emerged from my fingertips instead. I guess I needed to get something out; to feel sorry for myself for a moment and wallow in "poor me" for a while.

I can't dwell on the reality of life right now because frankly it is just not pretty. I must force myself to look for good things, like this.

Isn't he lovely? I captured this when I was out with Hubby and Kiddo after a bike riding session. Kiddo once again did great! He didn't want to get off the bike and he has been bugging us ever since about riding it more.

[edited to add] This is what he said as he was powering up the driveway: "I'm...

I'm wearing my HELMET!!!" LOL!

And that is a beautiful thing too. My oldest finally riding his bike - pure joy for a proud momma!

But this little guy, he makes me smile and he makes me laugh.
When he fusses, he makes this noise that sounds like a chicken. You know, the "bok, bok, ba-GOK!" Right? So when he cries it sounds similar. Hubby and I have joked for a while now that we have a chicken for a son. But now there is a new development. Now, most days, our beautiful baby boy looks like this.

Our baby has a new nickname, and it's not Chicken. It's ROOSTER.

D :)

1 comment:

TitanKT said...

I could eat 'im with a spoon! SUPER cute! I love the little jumper he has on... it's babyish without being too girly or boyish. Adorable.

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