Friday, February 06, 2009

Face to Face

Hey my Company Girls! (and my other beloved readers too!) It's Friday already - mercy I have just missed this week completely! I don't know about you, but it feels like maybe a Wednesday to me. Yup, it definitely has that Wednesday aftertaste.

Whatever that means.

I am feeling a little silly today; probably my sleep deprivation kicking in, along with the realization that I have accomplished absolutely nothing this week. Absolutely. Nothing.

*sigh* And there is so much to do!! Ack!

I have a problem with falling behind on one thing, and having it cause an avalanche with everything else. I get fixated on the one thing and I neglect the other "things" (hair clips, twist ties, whatever). My house is a wreck (what else is new?), I am behind on my editing, I am trying to plan for a garage sale, major house upheaval and furniture moving and also Valentines Day, and *cough* my birthday coming up. Ick.

My poor wee one is still not sleeping. He is spending way more time than he should in our bed, and is now even napping in our bed. This is NOT a good idea - he wiggles around so much that he has already fallen out twice. Yikes! So, I am afraid Hubby and I have about decided we need to try letting him cry it out - though I have always been against it in the past (mainly because I don't think I can handle it) I think it may be our only option. Port is just far too stubborn and far too strong headed and I am far too tired to do the pick up/comfort/put down marathon that is the "No Cry Sleep Solution". We did that for a couple of weeks a few months ago and while it sort of worked, Port reverted right back to the co-sleeping nightmare that we are in now as soon as his teeth started bothering him again.

So, I have recently acquired a Facebook addiction. Anyone else? Ugh, that site takes up waaaaay to much of my time. I love it though, I have had the chance to reconnect with so many people from the past, and also had the chance to snoop on so many people I would rather not reconnect with; but my curiosity and general nosiness makes me want to find out what they are doing. hee hee! It's kinda fun! Man, it's addicting though.

What amazes me is how much some people have stayed the same. I feel like a totally different person now; I am much more outgoing and opinionated than I was 15+ years ago. At least I think I am different.

And I've also found that though I thought I knew people, in many cases I have realized through talking to them now that I really didn't. And they really didn't know me either. It's funny how we can spend so much time with someone and never really know the important stuff. And yet at the same time, we are still connected to them, and still hold a bond and a love for them that only a 20 year old friendship can have. In many cases if I were to meet these people for the first time today, I probably wouldn't befriend them because we have absolutely nothing in common.

I treasure my old friends - I wish I had the means to show them how much they mean to me. One of my desires is to be able to have time to write letters - actually hand written notes (a lost art form if you ask me) telling people how much they mean to me and how much I have appreciated them in the time I have known them.

I'm sure I have said it before on my blog but I truly believe a person is a sum of all the experiences they have and the people they have met along the way. Some day I hope to be able to document how people have touched my life and made me who I am. I think it would be interesting to see a life pieced together, brick by brick.

D :)


Kara said...

I enjoyed reading your thoughts on how people change - or don't change!! Also, yes, I was at one time addicted to facebook. Right now I'm not, for some reason, and rarely log in. Maybe the addiction will come back around eventually.

Kerri said...

I'm addicted to Facebook and love catching up on the little things in my friends' lives. Interesting thought about "seeing a life pieces together, brick by brick." I've got this image in my head now....and I think of the legacy I'm leaving -- did I choose love, did I share Jesus. My two questions as I meet each person!

Have a great weekend....enjoy your kiddos!

secondofwett said...

I only go on FB now for scrabble beta and Lexulous (former scrabulous)....or checking on my one teens account - ya, she was the agreement on her having it! It does give one pause to think on how the people in our lives influence us....thanks for the thot.

Rachel Anne said...

Facebook scares seems like a huge abyss that I could fall ina nd never get out. I was recently found by my old highschool classmates (there's a group) and I now kind of regret that I'll have to keep up with them in Spanish (I went to high school in Mexico). Even the FB message was in Spanish asking if I wanted to be friends. Sigh, I can't even keep up with the people I DO understand. They suggested I add my maiden name to my profile and I couldn't figure out how to change my profile name, but maybe that's better??

Joyce said...

I totally understand what you're saying about the sleeping thing. One thing led to another, and I can't stand to her my daughter cry if I can help her in anyway. And I know what you mean about Facebook.

mholgate said...

Yep, I'm addicted to facebook too. It's been really fun to connect with old friends. I love the option to talk with friends live. The best part for me has been to see how many children my friends from high school have. I am really enjoying connecting with them on a different level.

Have a good week this week! The best thing about Home Sanctuary is that you can jump in at any time with the small things. : )


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