Saturday, February 21, 2009

Move This

After several days of nothing beyond the first steps on Tuesday, Port has been walking all over today! Don't tell Hubby though, he really was hoping the walking would wait until he was back from his trip. I have yet to capture it on video. Every time I pull the Flip out, Port stops anything he is doing and makes a swift b-line towards it. I may have to figure out a way to be sneaky about it.

Well, I successfully moved the dresser/changing table into the new room. I am working on the crib here and there when I can. Unfortunately, I can't move it out of one room and into the other without disassembling it. *sigh* However, our master bedroom is looking more and more spacious! YAY! Hubby is going to be shocked when he comes home. Now if only I could find a place to put some of this stuff... the spare room closet is now packed to the gills! I still need to find a resting place for most of the stuff in the bookshelves as well as a pile of odds and ends of Hubby's stuff.

Since Port is napping (for the second time today! woo hoo!) I guess I will tackle cleaning the ceiling fan in the living room. It is a mess, and I got the big ladder out when I was cleaning the spare room, so it is handy. Though I wonder about the intelligence of standing on a ladder with only a 4 year old as a spotter...

Yesterday was the day for burnt out light bulbs! I swear I had at least 3 go out on me.

random, random, random....

Well the crib is now moved, the room is as good as it's going to get for a while. Port has been playing in the crib off and on; he seems excited about it now that it's lower and he can act like a monkey in a cage while in it (picture him standing, holding on to the bars, bouncing and grunting). I guess I am going to try to put him in it tonight. Wish us luck!

D :)


Jen said...

Good luck!!

Barb said...

Your day sounds like mine...cleaned the ceiling fan in the living room and a friend asked me if we got a new one. It was that dirty!! LOL

Speaking of light bulbs I need to do that in at least 3 rooms.

I hope that he sleeps in his crib tonight!

jhjohnstone said...

Yay Dawn! Good luck. Can't wait to hear how Port did in his own room.


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