Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Another Round of You

It must be a slow time for blogging. Some of my favs haven't updated in ages. I was internally whining about that this morning when I clicked on my own blog and realized it's been 3 days since I last posted something. I am so sorry my bloggy friends - I don't know where I've been.

It's been a rainy few days here. Yesterday it rained nonstop all day. I was supposed to have a photo shoot today. The weather is nice enough, but I'm afraid the ground is so soaked that the action of putting of 3 young children in white outfits for pictures could lead to nothing more than a mud bath. So we bumped to Wednesday. It should be a beautiful day.

The inlaws are in town again this week, desperately trying to work on their newly acquired land and spending more time instead trying to stay dry. At least Kiddo is getting some good G&H time in though. My own parents are coming for a long awaited visit at the end of the week, so I am pretty sure I will be doing some serious de-spoiling of Kiddo by next week. All that grandparent time in one week will make for a rotten 2 year old I'm certain.

Thanks to the generosity of my highly connected friend, Hubby and I had the wonderful opportunity to dine free at Chili's on Sunday and Monday. They are opening a new location nearby, and sent out "by invitation only" cards to several of the local businesses so that they could practice full dining without actually being open. Dry runs, so to speak. I have to say it was an interesting experience. I mean, why would anyone turn down free food? You'd be amazed at how many didn't show. It was kind of weird though; it wasn't like we could just go in and order anything. Basically what they did was copy each page of the menu on different colored paper and each person at the table got a different color. You could only order 1 item off your menu. When we went on Sunday afternoon we got a specials menu (with lots of pricey items) and a burgers and sandwiches menu. Hubby sacrificed and ordered a sandwich while I got a lovely trio of baby back ribs, grilled chicken and shrimp. It was very good - though everything was a bit overcooked. The service was horrible though. I know the people were new and all, but man, it was bad. No one seemed to have any "hustle", know what I mean? I know they were just practicing, but I just felt like no one cared that we sat there forever waiting for the check (the meal was free, but they were of course accepting tips and donations for St. Jude's charities).

Monday night was even worse. We got the sandwich menu again and this time the salad menu. It's a good thing I like salad! Anyone else would have been upset to go for dinner and only get to choose salad or soup. But I digress... The waitress forgot to bring us silverware and napkins, the food took forever to come out and for some reason, they were really pressing the donation thing. It was almost uncomfortable. We weren't even through our dinner yet when the server started in on us to donate. The day before they just had a jar up at the front for donations, but this time she wanted us to commit to something before she even brought the check.

Even with all that, it was a truly nice time. I am rarely disappointed with Chili's food (overcooked or not) and you just can't beat free - even with poor service. I found the whole experience interesting. Hubby and I had fun going out by ourselves Monday night - it was probably the first "date night" we've had in a long time.

Ok, so back to my hair. I got online yesterday and just researched the whole red hair thing. According to my findings, red is the most difficult color to keep, because the molecules in red are much bigger than other colors, and therefore they "wash out" much quicker. It is very difficult to go back to your "natural" color from red as well. Apparently it is hard to get the orange out. Also, if one has any light highlights in their hair, it is quite possible that putting a red dye on the lighter parts will result in pink streaks - yes, PINK. Hmmm.... do I really want to do this? I have concluded that in order to spare myself some financial and mental heartache, I may try a temporary red first - you know the kind that washes out in so many shampoos. Then, if I like it I may consider something more permanent.

And of course, the moment I decide to take the plunge, the blond starts looking really good. Go figure. *rolls eyes*

D :)

ETA: Any of my hair-expert moms wanna help me out here? Kim, Genie and Back Yard Mom, I know you ladies read - do you have any suggestions? :) :)


kimberly said...

I'm not sure if I'm the Kim you are referring too but I would also be careful of temporary colors too. If you have had your hair highlighted you may also get some 'grabbing' of color on those pieces. bleached or highlighted hair is much more porous than the natural hair so it likes to suck up any color that is applied to them, and may not wash out completely. I do think red is very pretty and like your research has suggested it is a hard one to keep up. if you'd like to try some red, I might suggest doing a 'low light'. it's the same as a hight light just adding a darker color instead of the light. You could do a light 'low light' and put a small amount of the red in your hair. you could also do some funky chunks of red which I think looks rockin! If you need me to do anything for you I'd certainly be up for some kind of exchange ;)

Heather said...

What color is your natural, Dawn? Is it a darker blonde or a lighter blonde? I've been going red for years (like, 10 years) and I have never had funny colors happen to me. Ever. I'm a natural dirty dishwater blond. You will probably lose the bright punch of the red within a couple of weeks and it will fade down to a nice strawberry blonde.

HOWEVER! I've been using the John Freida shampoos this time around and I'm pleasantly surprised with the shade mine has stayed. I have roots showing and need to touch-up, but the color itself still looks great. The color I used last time was Nice and Easy Natural Light Auburn (shade 110). Best one I've tried in a while though I did love the Garnier 100% Color in this delicious dark cherry red that I did over the holidays, hated how fast it faded though.

Dawn said...

Thanks ladies!
Yes Kim, I was referring to you. Thanks for the info. Exchange? Hmmm, I just may have to take you up on that lady! :) :) You're singing my song!

Heather - my natural is just like yours, dirty dishwater (dark) blond. It just keeps getting darker every year. BUT - I do have some significant highlights right now - which is really what I'm worried about.

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