Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Deep Water

Oh my friends, what a lovely day we are having here. Imagine with me now, after being at the neighbor's house all day, you sit down at the computer, and try to enjoy some favorite online reads, and you are constantly interrupted by the sounds around you. Let's see, there is the Little Einsteins playing on the TV (why did they make the tone deaf girl the singer?!?), the pitter patter of rain on the skylights, the claps of thunder heard off in the distance, the hum of the dishwasher in the kitchen, and a klunk, klunk coming from the tennis shoes in the dryer in the garage. Also bombarding the ambiance is the annoying tune and whistle of Thomas the Train, and a toddler whining to you for the 10millionth time today to refill the Aquadoodle pen with water (which he just dumped on the floor). *sigh* Ahh, the sensory therapy continues as the air shifts and the stench of wet, dirty dog wafts under your nostrils, drowning out the scent of banana apple muffins that you just took out of the oven. Not even your Scentsy mulberry lamp can cover that smell.

You walk across the wet and muddy carpet to the kitchen, and slip on an unseen puddle left by the umbrella your Kiddo was playing with only moments before. Grabbing hold of the counter top for stabilization, you stick your hand on top of the remnants of a slobbered on, chewed up apple core. *chuckle* "That, darn kid" you say to yourself and throw the core away, opening the lidded trash can to do so. More scents assault your nostrils and memories of the gigantic poopy diaper from an hour ago emerge from the hidden depths of your brain and the can. Walking back to your seat, you drag puffy Cars and Nemo stickers on the cuffs of your pants and the bottom of your left foot; and because this is a common occurrence, you hardly notice.

And just before sitting back down on your orthopedic butt cushion, you glance into the living room. Just an hour ago you had every toy put away, every bowl and sippy cup picked up and the table wiped down. Now there is no carpet to be seen; "is the table even there?" you think to yourself and guesstimate it is somewhere hidden beneath the pile of die-cast cars.

Just a day in the life I guess.

Speaking of my brain, I had a dream last night I was in the hospital having brain surgery.


D :)

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