Thursday, March 15, 2007

It's a Long Slow Slide

Sometimes you just don't realize how good you've got it... :)

Kiddo and I stay home a lot. A lot a lot.

A couple times a week we'll go to the park and run errands, and several days a week we play out front with the NKs, but for the most part we don't "do" a whole lot. I am sooooo not social, and so anything pertaining to gathering with other people is terribly frightening and causes me much anxiety. So, I tend to avoid doing things with Kiddo and other moms. I make myself belong to a couple of mom groups, mainly so I guarantee we go out at least once a month, but also to force myself into social situations I would not normally be comfortable with. My neighbor, on the other hand, does something almost every day. She is not content to stay home, and her kiddos benefit from outings almost as much as she does.

So yesterday she invited Kiddo and I to go to a local bouncy house type place. I really did not want to go, but I thought Kiddo would like it and if I went with her it would be free (she had a coupon or something). It was a good opportunity to try it out, but I was nervous because we are right in the middle of spring break and the weather is cruddy. So I give you 3 guesses where everyone else in the area was.....yup.

The place was packed. And really, it being busy wouldn't have been a problem if it was all little kids. Unfortunately, because everyone was out of school, all the little ones were being run over by the bigger kids. Kiddo just couldn't get a leg up and got smooshed and knocked down at every turn. I *think* he had fun, but who the heck really knows. He could have just been dazed and confused from all the head trauma! My neighbor did take him on the big slide though, which he thought was fantastic!

please excuse the poor photography - the lighting in there was awful!

Kiddo so loved the things he could do, there just wasn't much he was able to do with all the big kids knocking him about. I had to rescue him a few times.

After the bouncy fun, we went to good ol' Mickey D's for ice cream. The kids played for another hour or so on the play scape there. *artsy-fartsy shot*

The kids really had a blast and the neighbor and I got some good adult conversation time in. By the time we packed back into the car though, the kiddos had had it and the screaming and fighting ensued.

When we got home I felt like I had been beaten. It was just too much for little ole me! Today? Well, today the weather is gorgeous and we haven't gone anywhere. I am just too pooped!

Maybe we can do something every once in a while, but I don't see myself being quite as active as my neighbor. She is one energetic woman! All of this made me realize that I like our little routine. I like staying home. I guess I truly am a homebody. I guess there are worse things I could be.


D :)


Cindy said...

We are of the "out and about every day" crowd. I have to say though, it is nice to just stay home once in a while!!!

karrie said...

I swing wildly between the two extremes. Max is such a wild man though that going someplace with him is actually less exhausting than staying home.

ImBlessed2x said...

Well you KNOW I'm the out and about type :) I go a bit bonkers when I stick around the house the whole day. Maybe it's because I have two hyper crazy kids and S is not? I don't know if mine are just like mom? or just used to the routine, but they go a bit stir crazy here too. And I'll continue to bother you about coming to playdates until you begin to cave ;)

Misty said...

I am very much like you in this aspect. We generally get out twice a week. Once for groceries and once for playtime. I think it's fine. Social stuff doesn't bother me, mostly all the getting ready and getting around to get out of the house. Both of us would rather be here, together, most days. The place you went looks like fun, especially if the big kids weren't there to be in the way. :)

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