Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Foolish Games

I want to change my hair color.

I get like this every so often, when things get boring or I don't feel so great about myself or it's a day of the week ending in "y". You know, on rare occasions. I have been blond all of my life, in various shades no less, but never anything drastically different. There were a couple of instances where I had my stylist go really dark with the low lights and really light with the highlights; which, though I loved it, many people thought I looked a bit like a zebra.

But the desire to change my hair color to a dramatically different shade most strongly comes just before the summer. Every year I start thinking, daydreaming of rich chocolates and deep auburns, when logically I should be wanting to go lighter - you know, for that sun-kissed look. But the call of the maroon red or the jet black gets pretty loud in March-April, and I find myself more often than not dreamily perusing the rows of box colors at the local big box store.

I wanna, I wanna, I wannaaaaa! But I know if I do I will probably like it only for a short while and then really jones for my blond back. Then, to go back would be a major undertaking; most likely leaving me with some sort of carrot colored straw on my head for months until my locks recover.

So yesterday I pulled out my favorite Halloween accessory (except for my false eyelashes) and played around a bit. Kiddo freaked out, especially when I put the luxurious red locks on his head! (don't tell Hubby! - darn it though I couldn't get a picture of him before he ripped them off)

The wig is a bit deceiving though, because not only is my own hair so not that thick, I don't have bangs either. So I'm not sure if I really like the wig for the color, or the style. hmmmm... I do think that if I change to something that dark, I will have to cut some bangs so that it doesn't just lay limp on my head.

Hee hee! It's fun to play! Man, I look tired though - gotta do something about that luggage under my eyes.
So, what do you think? Should I trade my blond hairs for something more fun? Or am I really just having some sort of mid life crisis? I look forward to your opinion.
D :)


Jessica said...

While reading your post, before I got to the pic, I kept thinking she should go red! I love the color of the wig, not the bangs so much. Don't get me wrong, I like bangs just not those.

Go red, with maybe some sideswept bangs. :)

karrie said...

Wow!! The red hair is hot on you!

C. L. Fry said...

Wow!! The red hair is hot on you!

I agree :-D and I dig the bangs too, although maybe a little longer.

Augustine said...

you look pretty awesome with that wig! in my younger days i had fire engine red hair and some days i dare myself to go back to would'nt be too crazy in my area!

Ilma said...

I agree with others! I think the color looks really good on you! I looooove that type of red.

Cindy said...

I like that color on you too... I think your coloring suits it. Maybe you should get a real wig- the kind that looks realistic. Then you can just ditch it when you want your blonde back, no harm done. I have SERIOUSLY considered a wig:-O because I want THICK hair, and to experiment with color.

Rhonda said...

I dig it. We all need a change every once in a while. Did I tell you that I whacked off all of my hair. Yes, all of it. :)

ImBlessed2x said...

You look incredible! I just went black (haven't seen you since I guess) but I'm going to head to Sallys beauty supply this week for some bright colors to streak. You wanna go with? ;)

And a good pro can restore your blonde no prob!

Can I buy your wig?.. a ha ha (she laughs seriously)

Amanda said...

You look like Charlize Theron!! seriously. Red looks HOT on ya, momma.

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