Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Saving my Sanity

I don't think it is possible. Between Kiddo's TT (terrible two) antics and our financial situation and just life in general I think I may lose it. What is "it" anyway? Is it my ability to add 2+2? Apparently. Is it my feeling of self worth? Guess so. Is it my knowledge of all things intelligent and practical? Yup. Well, what the heck do I do then? How do I keep my "it"? How do I get it back if I lose it? Where does it go?

Some days I feel like I have more "it" than others. The coffee kicks in, the music plays in my ears (thanks to the wonderful new mp3 player I have) and I think I just might be able to make it through a day with all my wits about me.

But then "it" happens. No, not that "it", the other one. Stay with me people.

For some unknown reason the world spins out of orbit. For some reason everything is hoisted upon my feeble shoulders all at once and to top it all off -

- for some reason I decide to take Kiddo to the store on a terribly empty stomach.

Maybe "it" is just my brain in general.

But never fear my friends, I found my "it". And it only cost me $.87. That's right, not even a buck and my sanity was saved. It calmed the screaming banshee in my shopping cart and bought me a good 45 minutes of semi-sane shopping.

Here it is. No, not my "it", the "it". Can't you keep up?!?

*~*~*~*AHHHHHHHHH*~*~*~*~* Can you hear the angels singing?

Would you believe Kiddo has never had these before today?

hmm, I may have to buy stock in the company.

D :)


Rhonda said...

I hear the angels, sister!!!! They sang the same song on my last shopping trip to the the money pit, I mean Target. Baby girl was going CRAZY in the cart and out of the cart and all over the store. Nothing was right untill, Grammy saved the day with that blessed box.
I swear that box is full of magic!!!!

ImBlessed2x said...

r u kidding me?? This is a STAPLE here! Usually it's what is packed in a zippie when I head to "The Plus" these days since I end up lost in there and can guarantee an hour and a half trip! ;)

karrie said...

Just don't take him to Coscto unless you're prepared to leave with the 3 ft carton the stock there.

Oh, the tantrum that will ensue! :)

Kat said...

Now that's motherhood! At least it's mine. I go day to day wondering when it's going to be a day when "it's" too much and after 4 kids and 8 years, I still don't know.

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