Saturday, March 03, 2007

Blog Party - Welcome!

So, after I hit post last night, I realized in my haste that I really didn't give new visitors to my blog the proper welcome. Heh, it's funny, my hostessing skills suck in real life too.

So, I figure if you are a first time visitor to my blog I should tell you a little about myself. As you can see from my sidebar, I am 32 (well 33 on Monday, but don't tell anyone!) and have a wonderful Hubby and 2 year old Kiddo. I am a SAHM (stay-at-home-mom for those who don't know the lingo) and I have a fledgling photography business on the side. I am also addicted to blogging, and maintain about 5 blogs currently. Tell me, is that normal, or am I just a bit cuckoo for blogging? Anyway, as of late my blog has been kind of, well, normal I guess, so I thought I would direct you first time visitors to some high lights!

If you are looking for funny, here are a couple of posts that got a chuckle or two:
The Letter
PMS Cake

If you are looking for a tear-jerker, you might try my Kiddo's birth story.

Interested in pictures of me and my family? You can check out my Project 365 or posts labeled Photography.

Wanna know my taste in music? Ooh, you're a brave soul! There is a label for music and YouTube Abuse as well.

And lastly, if you just want to dig a little bit deeper into my weird and twisted mind, click on the Who I Am label and sit back with some popcorn. I can't say it is interesting, but maybe, umm, enlightening? boring? different? Something like that.

Anyway, welcome to the party. Please, make yourself comfy. Go ahead, put your feet up on the table; I don't mind. If you need anything, help yourself - don't be shy about rummaging through the refrigerator.

Oh, and please leave me a comment so I know you've been here and I can go check out your party as well.

See ya!
D :)


sognatrice said...

Ciao from Italy! I've had so much fun going through your blog, and there's so much more to read! Loved your birth story :) I'll be back!

k said...

Hi Dawn!

I'm here to crash, since I'm not hosting. :)


Dawn said...

Hey, thanks for stopping by! It's always fun to meet another Dawn. When I was growing up, I was the only one and I have to admit, I didn't like my name. But if they say it right, I'm okay!

I can't believe we have the same look - my daughter Kristen (Mama's So-Called Life - check out her party!) does all the changes for me. I'm pretty techno-challenged.

Come back again - our story will continue soon, I hope. Kev is a student now, so doesn't find much time to compose. But I am learning so much from his side of the story! Unbelievable, actually.

BeckyD said...

I came for the Party, and see that you read "Oh the joys" too... I love her blog.

Then I see a link at the bottom "Welcome to my life" and got all excited b/c my blog is called "Welcome to my life, sorry about the mess" and thought WOW! She reads me...
but nooooo, it wasn't true. LOL

Nice place you have here. Thanks for the invite.

karrie said...


Carrie said...

thanks for stopping by my party! while reading your who i am posts i saw the bag of coconut kisses - sorry to say that since i hate coconut, i considered that a travesty and waste of kisses!!! :-) they're all yours, honey.

your post about the twist tie in the shower made me laugh. i have a penny in my shower, for exactly the same reason - my 2 year old brought it to me while i was showering a few months ago, and there it has stayed ever since!

i'll check back again soon - happy bloggy party!

Jen and family said...

hi nice to meet you
A very happy belated birthday

Brandie said...

Hello! Happy belated birthday to you =)
Have a great weekend.

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