Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Drive To You

So on Saturday we decided to drive to Hubby's Grammaw's house. We set off far too early in the morning and arrived around noon. Kiddo did pretty well; with Hubby and I on either side to entertain, we didn't even pull out the DVD player. When we got there, we picked up Grammaw and met up with an Aunt, Uncle and Cousin at a local seafood restaurant. I did take some pics in the restaurant, but the lighting was pretty poor.

I did get a shot of Kiddo playing his favorite game with Happy. "Pull the Empty Sweet-n-Low Packet Off Happy's Finger" Good times! ;)

After we left the restaurant, the ladies took our full bellies over to the Aunt's house while the men folk (minus Kiddo) went to visit Granddad at his care facility. Unfortunately, Graddad didn't feel much like socializing so the visit was cut short. I was a bit disappointed that I couldn't go because I really wanted to get some pictures of him, but I guess it would have been impossible anyway.

At the Aunt's house we played with their dogs a bit and saw their newly redone kitchen. It looks beautiful! A few days prior, Cousin had rescued a poor, poor pitiful Beagle that was homeless and very, VERY pregnant. She is due to pop any day now and boy was she sad. Her belly was so huge that when she laid down her back legs were almost extended straight down (as if she was still standing). She looked like a watermelon with ears!

We left Aunt and Cousin at the house and took Grammaw back to her place to visit. Grammaw was worried that Kiddo wouldn't like her...

I don't think it was a problem! :)

Actually, Kiddo was really lovey dovey that day. He gave everyone big smiles and hugs and kisses. I think he is just at a good age for dealing with family. Even Grammy got in on some snuggle action.

Grammaw's house is not exactly Kiddo friendly, but thankfully there was a Biscuit to chase around. This is Biscuit the second (or is it third?). He's a sweet boy and really loved Kiddo playing with him. Kiddo wore him out!

Thankfully, Hubby's Uncle is an optometrist, and since Hubby's glasses broke last week, Hubby and I went with Uncle to get a new prescription. When we got back, everyone was out on the back porch. Da Boys were putting together a little wooden boat.

The ladies were watching some sweet little baby birds cry for their momma. I wanted so badly to get a good picture of them, but I was afraid to get close. After taking about 30 pictures of the bird house from afar, I decided to get right up on it and that is when this happened.

I guess they thought I was Momma! :) There actually is three of them, but one was being shy. It was fun to snap away, capturing the family a bit this year. The last couple of visits I haven't been able to really take any pictures because I was constantly chasing Kiddo. I was photographing Grammaw a lot, and just before we left I told her I was going to get in real close. She replied, "well, what are you photographing, my wrinkles?"
Every beautiful one, Grammaw. Every one.

I just love photographing her, she is so beautiful to me; she's one of those people that makes me wish I had known her all my life. And when we are around her, I just want to soak her in and never leave.

But eventually we did have to go, and that is when I got my wonderful reading time in the car. Kiddo passed out asleep after a royal fit because we forgot to bring the power cord for the DVD player (*ahem* Happy forgot. ;) ), and it was my cue to don my headphones and drown out the world for an hour or so. I did manage to snap this shot of the Hubby.

Hubba, hubba! Actually, this is his "why are you taking a picture of me?" look. He was mumbling "what are you doing?". The reality was I was trying to figure out a good exposure so he could take a picture of me reading my book. I am always thinking of the blog! ;)

Thanks for reading!
D :)


Peggy said...

Great pictures but that one of your Grandmother was just spectacular! What a beautiful portrait of an obviously beautiful woman!

Barb said...

Love the pictures and glad you had a good weekend!! Yea, I can finally post!!

my2babygirls0405 said...

I love your blog :) It's like reading a captivating story complete with pics! Those pics are just absolutely wonderful :) Looks like you had a fun visit!!

Dawn said...

Thanks Ladies!

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