Monday, May 28, 2007

We Wait and We Wonder

I want to apologize in advance if my next few posts are a little less than interesting. I am apparently experiencing some sort of Seasonal Blogging Disorder, and for whatever reason, I am having a hard time making myself sit down and write. So, in an effort to overcome this illness, I am forcing myself to post. Ok? Ok. :)

Kiddo has really changed this week. From day one he has, for the most part, been a late bloomer when it comes to speech - not enough for me to really worry or anything, but just enough for me to get frustrated, especially when I witness really cute/intelligent things other kiddos (that are the same age) say. I knew my Kiddo was understanding things just fine, but his constant mimicking everything we say while seemingly failing to have independent thought was troubling me a bit.

But this week it was like a light bulb went off. Suddenly he was answering questions, with real answers - not just the standard "no" or repeat of the question. And he is now asking questions; things that make sense and show true thought about what he wants to know. Suddenly I am able to have conversations with him and know that he "gets it", you know? It is very invigorating and it makes me so happy. He talks about the funniest things - he cracks jokes and comes up with his own material. He is really developing a great little personality of his own. And his speech has gotten sooooo much clearer. He can repeat a hard word or phrase on one try where before it took him several tries to get it.

For instance, a couple of weeks ago I was in the bathroom putting on my makeup and Kiddo was playing on the floor in front of our closet mirror. I hear him behind me, babbling away in his little kid language, and I noticed he was repeating the same phrase over and over. This is how it went:
"babble, bleeble, blabble, blah, blah, blabble juice peeze"

"babble, bleeble, blabble, blah, blah, apple juice peeze"

"babble, bleeble, blabble, blah, small apple juice peeze"

"babble, bleeble, pepper, blah, small apple juice peeze"

"babble, dopper pepper, blah, small apple juice peeze"

"large Dr. Pepper and a small apple juice please"

He was quoting my regular Sonic order! Oh boy!

Anyway, now a phrase like that rolls right off his tongue. Names are easier now too, and he actually has conversations with people on the phone where before he wouldn't say anything or only repeat what I told him to say (in a quiet little voice no less). I was on the phone with my friend the other day and he wanted to say hello. I said, "this is Aunt Rhonda", and handed him the phone and he says "HI Rhonda!" in this enthusiastic booming voice. It was just the cutest thing!

The mind of a child is such an amazing thing. Every day is a new adventure.

D :)

1 comment:

Amanda said...

Isn't it amazing what he picks up? Makes you want to watch what you say, huh? ;)

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