Friday, May 18, 2007

Long Gone Daddy


Hubby just left to go on an 8 day trip, motorcycling through the Arizona desert. I don't know how we are going to make it so long with out him. I miss him already. Kiddo cried from the moment Hubby pulled away in the truck until the moment he fell asleep - passing out at 8:30 from sheer exhaustion. He normally goes to bed around 10. All I feel like doing is eating. blech!

I keep thinking of all these things to blog about and as soon as I think the thought, it disappears into the recesses of my brain. Or perhaps the thoughts are falling out my ears. hmmmm, would ear plugs make me think better? Maybe I just need to put on my mp3 player and get lost in some music. Nah, it's too late tonight. Maybe tomorrow.

I am sad.

I should just go to bed. But I'm pretty sure I'll be up late. Because I can be.

Here is another photo of Grammaw I forgot to put in the last post. She was showing Kiddo all her little toys.

Don't you just want her to be your Grammaw too? :) She's pretty awesome. Did I tell you about her candy bowl? Oh yeah! She's got a candy bowl with only the best candies and a glass cake plate and cover that holds neat little stacks of Oreo cookies. Grammaw rocks!

Anyway, say a prayer for me and for Hubby, will you? Thanks.


D :)

1 comment:

Barb said...

Yes, I love the pictures of Grammaw - looks like quite a lady! I hope that you and S have a good day tomorrow. Maybe you could make a calendar for him so he can mark off the days until daddy gets back.

I will do my best to offer up those prayers too!!

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