Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Dark Horse

So where was I? Oh yes, Friday. So we went to the park and then came home to mad clean for the arrival of G&H. I got the house all spiffy, fielded about 4378267827527187329 questions from Kiddo about seeing G&H, (Mommy, see Grammy Happy today? repeat to infinity) and then we waited. and waited, and waited. Turns out G&H bypassed our house and went on to their property to meet someone. Poor Kiddo, he was in a panic about seeing them. So we loaded him up and took him out there. He was excited because not only was the tractor there, but a bulldozer too AND G&H were putting together a little toy tractor for him to ride on. (too bad Kiddo doesn't yet know how to pedal! Oh well.)

Saturday Kiddo got to hang with G&H and Hubby for a while so I could finish up proofing some images from a photo shoot. It took me a bit longer because I had to reload all my programs back to my computer in order to make the web page for the client to view, and I kept getting interrupted. Hubby came home and he and I met Kiddo, G&H for an early dinner at one of our favorite restaurants.

Sunday we went to church, and though we had a nice, lazy time in mind for the rest of the after noon, our master bath toilet had other plans. I will spare you the details, but suffice it to say it wasn't pretty. Ick.

Now on to Monday. Even though I really was not motivated to do so (sleeping in and lazily drinking coffee is my favorite Monday thing to do you know) I packed Kiddo up early and we drove out to Sweetberry Farms to pick strawberries with our mom's group. We went back in October for the pumpkin patch, but right now it is strawberry season.

The last time we went I wasn't too impressed by the whole "group tour" thing, but I think we did a bit better this time around. At first, Kiddo got a bit spooked by all the people and kids and started having a melt down. After a strategic move of the wagon to the outskirts of the group, we were able to calm down and somewhat enjoy the activities. The kids really loved the farm kitties and one in particular got more lovin' from the group than most cats get in a life time! The veggie digging activity was a bit over the heads of some of the younger kiddos, but the rest of the tour was fun. They gave each kid a lady bug to release on the strawberry plants and told them a bit about their part in keeping aphids at bay. Kiddo was fascinated by the lady bug.

Once we released the bug on the plants, we headed over to the picking area and each child got a little bucket to put their berries in . Kiddo named each letter of his name as I wrote it on the side of the bucket - I was so proud of him!

He really seemed to enjoy picking the berries, and we hunted for the red under all the green leaves.

Mommy, lookit de red straw-bear-wees!

Mmmmmm, smells good!

It was pretty hot out there in the sun, so once the buckets were full we headed over to the picnic tables for some shade and a light lunch. Kiddo's favorite thing from the last visit, the blessed goats were unfortunately no where to be found, but we did spy the horses and donkeys down the path and quickly headed that direction. Kiddo was completely enamored with the horses.

He even played googly eyes with the donkey... ;)
Only the promise of ice cream lured him away, and shortly thereafter we departed. It was a sad ride home. Kiddo was exhausted, and in his fade to sleep I could see him thinking about the day. The wistful look in his eyes showed the fun of picking berries and running with the kids and then just before he drifted off to dream land he thought about - the horses. His eyes turned to glass and filled with the biggest of crocodile tears, his little mouth puckered, then spread thin and turned downward, and then, the wailing began. Da HORSES!!!!!!! He screamed. Mommy, da HORSES!!!!! Wahhhhaahhhhhhhh!!! Go back Mommy, see da Horses!!!! eeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!

All. the. way. home. (for an hour on twisty, hilly, dangerous roads) yup.

He fell asleep about 5 minutes from the house. *sigh*

Overall, it was a good day though. I'm pretty sure he had a blast.


D :)

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