Sunday, May 20, 2007

Sweet Temptation

Whenever Hubby is away, I tend to cook all the things he doesn't care much for. I eat baked potatoes and cereal a lot too, but there are some meals that I just can't resist making at least once a year. One of my favorite meals my mom made when I was a kid involved the following three ingredients. Yup, that's it. You make the mac-n-cheese, drain the peas and tuna and just throw it all in together. Most people turn up their nose at it, but it really is good! Kiddo is not a big fan of tuna, so I pulled some mac out for him before mixing everything together. We had a nice, easy, cheap dinner!

Another thing I like to do when Hubby is away (or when I am bored, depressed, happy, hungry, full, tired, wired, etc. ) is bake. I really wanted brownies, but didn't feel like making them from scratch. The problem was I didn't have a mix on hand either. I did however, have a chocolate cake mix and various other things and after a bit of digging, found a YUMMY easy brownie recipe that I could work with. All you need is a cake mix, a box of pudding, some chocolate chips and 2 cups of milk. I had the chocolate cake mix, but only vanilla pudding, so I added some cocoa powder. I had the chips and also a bag of mint chocolate chip that needed to be used. Let me just say - YUM! These are the most oooey gooey brownies I've made in a while. If you want to make them, mix all ingredients together (just the powders, the chips and the milk), spread in a greased 13x9 pan and bake for about 40 minutes (give or take) at 350 degrees.

And, because I am the coolest mom ever (and there weren't any raw eggs in the mixture) I let Kiddo lick the bowl. Let me just say he was one happy boy! Just look at this face!

He could not get enough. I got to taking pics of him and asking him if it was good - his response was something between "mmmmmmmmm" and "YES Mommy!"

I asked him to show me his chocolate face. When I showed him the picture, he says "Mommy I have a chocolate moustache!"

He quickly abandoned the provided spoons and dug in with both hands.

He got it everywhere...

Can you see that he even got chocolate up in his nose???!? Yup, that's my boy! And as if that wasn't enough...

I think they got the Kiddo seal of approval! Shall we call it the Kiddo Treat of the Month? Of course!
D :)


Jen said...

Dawn, I LOVE that food combo! My sis told me about it once and I thought it sounded so gross...but tried it and YUM!

(This is lovemyjoei from BC by the way! I have never commented on here before...)

karrie said...

I like the picture of him with his face in the mixing bowl. :)

Julia said...

OMG! The pictures are hysterical! I think S more than loved the brownie mix. :D He looks like he hit the sugar jackpot in heaven.

ImBlessed2x said...

Hey... sounds good to me! In my poor pathetic days, I often called ramen noodles (sans flavor packet) and oodles of butter and salt and a can of peas dinner! MMMMMM

You are one brave momma. No way, for MY own sanity, would I ply my kiddos with sugar that way. They bounce off the walls with a mere tic tac!

Misty said...

Good for you! Kids need to have fun experiences like that once in a while. Those are the kinds of memories that they cherish. Remember when.... No kid says, hey remember when Mom gave me some carrots. To me that's what junk food is all about. A good indulgence once in a while. :-D

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