Thursday, May 10, 2007


I have been frantically searching for something I wanted to share with you about a subject near and dear to my heart; something I wrote a couple of years ago, but I can't find it. In all that searching I was forced to leaf through some of my old notebooks. They are where I keep things I have written over the years, a place for letters others have written to me; things I hold very dear. Included in the pockets and between the bound pages were envelopes from people I love, people I once loved and people I don't even remember. But, with every hand written letter, every loop and mark I was taken back to that very place and time in my life in which the correspondence was sent.

It's funny how when you graduate from high school, staying connected to the people you saw every day for so many years (and totally took for granted) was so important at first. The letters told me useless information; line after line of new class schedules and big talk about all the partying that probably never happened. But in between those lines of fluff were sentiments; emotions of joy, pain, wonder and loneliness. Some screamed "you better write me back" while others only smiled with a "see you soon". It's amazing to me how in 15 years I have only seen a few of my "BFFs" a handful of times. I miss those emotional, soap-opera days sometimes.

Ahh well, since the day hasn't exactly turned out like I thought it would anyway, it seems only fitting that my intended blog post would follow the same lead. As I was going through all that stuff I came across a poem I wrote back in September of 1992. Now I don't claim to be a poet, but it kind of sums up the journey I took today as I was looking back through all those letters.


-the book
its cover clean and new
never tarnished
never flawed
well kept

-the spine
tall and straight
strong leather
satiny smooth

-the pages
filled with stories

-the effect

-the impression
at first not good
over time better
soon loving

-the reader
blind to emotions
loaded with faith
the drive to go on

-the stories
some never told
never read
others worn with love

-the final chapter
overloaded with conflict
broken hearts
losing love
lost hope
same as the first
and second and third
never ending
not final at all

-the last page
a happy beginning
off in the sunset
loved forever

-the reader
finds her hope
through the leather binding
strength in the pages
reads again

-the book
sits on a shelf
well read and worn
an anchor to her soul
sometimes closed
only to open again
and tell a story
to heal her wounds
and bring back memories

Thanks for reading!
D :)

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Rachel Anne said...

Dawn, hope you have a happy Mother's Day! Enjoy yourself.

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