Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Miles to Go

So I just don't really get this whole potty training thing. (for the record, I am not really training Kiddo, I secretly hope he will just be one of those kids that eventually gets it. I am in no mood to clean up accidents all over the house.) I mean, don't most kids follow some sort of pattern?

Kiddo has never had a fear of the potty. Nor has he really had much curiosity about it either. He's very blasé about the whole thing. You want me to sit on the potty? Sure, ok. Tee tee? No problem. Poo? Yup, I can do that too.

Whenever he does anything out of the ordinary we make a huge fuss about it. We sing songs, we dance, we cheer, whatever. He consistently tee tees on the potty every night after his shower, but it is just part of the routine now. For the past couple of weeks, he has pooped in the potty every time he needed to go. Not one poopy diaper was made in my house for over a week. The problem was, he would wait a day or two (he is usually more regular) before he had to go and then it was a big, and unfortunately painful production. But, he was definitely more inclined to go on the potty because it was ultimately easier.

BUT - in that process I think he discovered that he has control. Yes, control. And with that control, he can get Mommy and Daddy all excited by asking to go poo on the potty and then get lots of attention while he sits there, not doing what he promised. Then we run into the trouble that occurs when you hold stuff like that in (and you know what I mean) and then he won't go because it hurts.

Now today, he won't tee tee in the diaper; he asks to go to the potty and tee tee and he has tried to poo in the diaper all day (but of course nothing is happening in that department because he held it too long).

I think I am more confused here than he is.

I guess the main thing is that it's driving me crazy.

But I did manage a new self portrait today. Here it is:

And I got Kiddo a cool, motorcycle man do-rag! ;)

It's not the best picture, but I think he's still pretty cute with his little pasty skin and mouth full of frozen Gogurt.


D :)


Julia said...

Oh wow! Here we thought Little Miss C was the only kid who holds the poop in because she can and then has a fit when she has to go on the potty. *sigh* Unfortunately, suppositories are readily on hand as a result of potty training. Let me know if you figure out any clever tricks to get past this "holding" stage.

Misty said...

From the sounds of it you are right in the thick of Pt'ing and don't even know it. Just like his speech had a sudden breakthrough, I bet his potty will, too. Just keep patient and try not to stress on it. It happens sort of overnight like every other milestone, imo. One day still peeing in the diaper and the next thing you know, wearing big boy pants. I told myself I wouldn't stress being a first time mom & then I did of course. So what are the hopes that I really won't with a 2nd kiddo? Oh and I don't know if you've read it b4, but if you mix 2 oz of prune juice with his regular juice, it seems to clear up that little "holding" problem.

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