Friday, May 25, 2007

Have Mercy

Aw, sorry I haven't posted. This has just been a rough week.

Tuesday night was really rough. Hubby had scared me half to death by not calling that day, and then finished the job by calling well past midnight. The day had been so frustrating on so many levels that after that late call I was a wreck. After much debate I decided to go ahead and take a very short trip to the inlaws so I could save what little sanity I had left. Before we left I made myself clean up a little, because, you know, who really wants to come home to a nasty house, right? I made a special effort to clean the master bath - mainly because it desperately needed it, but also because I was going to leave the dog in there overnight and I wanted the least amount of stuff for her to chew on in there as possible.

Now, let me tell you a bit about my dog. She is the most amazing, wonderful animal. I talk bad about her on a regular basis, but only because she is such a lover of the kind of attention that I can't provide. You give her a quick pet and she instantly thinks that she is a full on lap dog with never ending petting privileges. But, her redeeming qualities are great. She is crate trained, and so very good about staying quiet when she is in her "house". My dog also has one amazing bladder of steel. The first time we ever took her on a big trip, we drove from Phoenix, AZ to Paso Robles, CA to visit some friends. She did not have to pee the entire time we were on the road, and it even took her several hours before she went once we arrived at our destination. She was only a pup then, but has always been this way. Whenever Hubby and I need to take a quick trip somewhere and only stay a night or two, we put our dog in the master bath with her crate and food and water and some newspaper. 99.9999% of the time she does not need to relieve herself until after we get home.

BUT - because Hubby has been away for a week she has been SUPER clingy and nervous and freaked out at every little thing; and stupid me should have known better than to leave her for any length of time by herself. I left late Wednesday and came home mid day Friday - not gone long at all, so I was thinking she'd be ok. I am just not up for the gory details (and you will thank me for this) but when I got home tonight I was completely, totally, absolutely horrified by what she had done to my beautiful, sparkly clean master bath. As I told Grammy in an email, it took 4+hours, a generously soapy dog bath, 2 rolls of paper towels, approximately 15 small grocery bags, one big trash bag, 2 squirt bottles full of bleach solution, mopping, mopping, wiping, scrubbing, detail work and lots and lots of air freshener to get my bathroom back to livable conditions. I have never, ever been faced with such a disgusting mess.

And therefore, to save what little of my sanity is left, my neighbor and I are running away to her parent's beach condo for the entire weekend, by ourselves, sometime very soon.

Oh. Yes. We. Are!

D :)

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Jen said...

Ohhhhh you poor thing!!! I hope your weekend looks up for ya!

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