Thursday, May 03, 2007

Fragile Heart

Here is the reason Hubby needs to clear out the brush piles in our back yard...

Don't let his beauty fool you. This little guy was over 3 feet long.

Sorry about the cruddy pictures, but as you can imagine I wasn't too interested in getting terribly close! I discovered my "little" friend after apparently stepping right over him to retrieve Kiddo off our play scape. I only noticed him when I heard a sssshhhhhhhing noise behind me. He was slithering along a bunch of leaves headed under our back deck.

After rounding up the Kiddo and animals and figuring out what kind of snake he is (a mere Garter snake in case you were wondering), I went back out to photograph him. By then he had crossed the great expanse of our yard and gone into the side yard to bask in the sun.

I read on line that when they reproduce, litters can contain 7-25 babies!!! YIKES!

Thankfully he's not poisonous, but holy moly who really wants to walk up on something almost as long as you are! He got me all in a tither, and I really love snakes.

I have officially aged 10 years I think.


D :)


Jennifer said...

I hate snakes! I would have freaked too. One day last summer we had one in my house. Yeah, I almost had a heart attack.

barbara_j_gray said...

Every once in a while, pre-tornado, I would mow over snakes...I mean little ones...ick!! A 3' one would creep me out too!

ImBlessed2x said...

You shoulda called me ;) Critter and I used to have snakes. Mine was a 10 or so foot long Albino Burmese Python and his was a regular Python that was close to 14 feet! They were loads of fun when they'd get out of their cage! heh!!

Peggy said...

Between your spiders and the snakes, I will NEVER be coming to visit you!

btw... we actually had a garter snake in our house curled up under the sofa. He came in the backdoor we left open for the dog to come and go. YIKES!!!

Amy *2Pinks* said...

I would seriously move far, far away. DH would come home from work to an empty house and a note with a forwarded address. Or maybe I would just buy a really big animal that eats snakes. ICK!!!!! You are braver than I am!

Misty said...

Thank you. Thank you for giving me the heebie jeebies. We have little critters like that around here a lot, too. I swerved over to try to hit your little friends twin just yesterday. ICk.

Ilma said...

Oh my! You're one brave lady! I would've ran to the house, sat on the couch with my feet up and waited for DH to come back. Seriously, I would probably die if I would see one of those in my back yard. Ick!

Heather said...

He's gorgeous! I'd be out there taking pics just like you after I identified it as an non-poisonous species :)

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