Wednesday, January 23, 2008

A Change is Gonna Come

So this weekend I was able to get some stuff done. I purged a bit (though the "discarded" items are still sitting in my hallway, thanks to the cruddy weather we've been having. I didn't have the heart to pile it all up on the curb for the charity to take; soggy and wet.) and managed to get all of my photography stuff out of my bedroom and into the spare room closet.

My master bedroom really does have a lot of space once you take all the junk out!

Anyway, I moved the crib pieces and the mattress back into the room, and if I can actually find the assembly instructions I will put the crib together this weekend. Unfortunately, I think the instructions may be in a box I made Hubby put up on a very high shelf. Sorry Hubby!

Seeing all that open space in my bedroom gave me the most incredible urge to paint. Oh my.

But now that I kind of have a plan, I am thinking a lot about Kiddo's room and how to make it more spacious and special for him. Since we never really finished his room, I would love to add a few things in there to make it more decorative. I have a couple of small shelves that my neighbor passed on before she moved, and once those are painted I think I will put them up. They are pretty narrow so they won't hold much, but I might be able to put some pictures or decorative items he already has on display.

Once I get all the baby stuff out of his closet, there should be a good bit of room in there. I am thinking that since we will be moving his current dresser into our room for the baby (it has a changing table on top) I might try to find a dresser for Kiddo that would fit in the closet. On a spur of the moment trip to IKEA on Monday, I found a dresser on display that is exactly like the one Kiddo currently has, but smaller (and will fit in the closet). The entire line is discontinued at IKEA, and the one on display is the only one they have in the store, so I am thinking of going back up there and offering a discounted amount to take the floor model off their hands. If I can get that and put it in the closet, then it would open up some much needed space in Kiddo's room. Another idea I have came from an article in the February issue of Parents magazine. Since Kiddo has a tall bed and there is lots of space underneath, I am looking for some bright (and hopefully cheap) storage bins that will line up and slide beneath the bed. Then we can contain in some sort of organized fashion, all of the toys *cough* cars that Kiddo has multiplying in his room. If anyone has suggestions for a cheap way to do this - please let me know.

Now my biggest challenge is going to be getting rid of some of Kiddo's toys. He has a bunch of things that he never plays with, but the instant I pull them out to put away they suddenly become his favorite.

Plus there is the issue of what to do with some of this stuff I am purging. My first instinct is to just give it away, but then my frugal/cheap/stingy side tells me that some of this stuff is worth something, and I should put it up on craigslist. But mercy I just don't want to deal with trying to sell it. But it would help if I could make some money. But is it worth the hassle? ugh!

It's too cold for a garage sale. Not that we ever make anything on those anyway.

What would you do?

D :)

P.S. my pregnancy treat of the week, onion and chive cream cheese with Wheat thins. YUM!


Julia said...

I started out listing all big items on Craigslist and small mail-able items on eBay. Anything baby related that I got too lazy to list, I took to consignment. The rest went to charity. That's been my game plan so far. Did you see the bins in the children's section at IKEA? They are all brightly colored and much cheaper than plastic tubs at Target/Walmart.

Vick said...

I was gonna suggest the bins at Ikea, too!

For the toys - here's where I ditch everything: And if you consign, you can get in early to shop the presale and get more crap :)

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