Tuesday, January 01, 2008

New Dawn

Happy New Year!!

I hope you all had a wonderful evening last night - Hubby and I; man we are such party animals! We stayed home, ate lots of bad-for-us snacky type food, watched a couple of episodes of Alias (we finally broke down and rented it - hallelujah!), tuned in the last 15 minutes of the Carson Daly New Year's Eve show, kissed a quick one at midnight and then went to bed at 12:15.

I just love getting older! I didn't even have the energy to bust out the 3 year old bottle of sparkling cider in the fridge! Lol!

Sorry I've been absent lately. We had family in town for a whole week, and Hubby has been off work all this time as well. It's been pleasantly busy around here, but I have to say I am looking forward to tomorrow's promise of normalcy (and the trash man, but that's a whole different story! How much trash can one family produce in two weeks???).

Kiddo has been on a family/holiday detox for a day now, and I think it is going pretty well. However, he is still wishing everyone Merry Christmas! Hubby left a while ago for a bike ride, and Kiddo stood at the window and said "bye Daddy, see you soon, Merry Christmas!". He's so cute!

Other Kiddo speak moments - when out looking at Christmas lights with my parents, we drove down a street that had almost all the houses decorated. I pointed out a manger scene to Kiddo and he says in the most solemn voice "The One True Word of God".

??????? You could cut through the silence in the car with a knife! ha ha!

Of course, he's not always so stoic. A couple of days ago I also overheard him from his car seat say "Cars! Cars is brought to you today by contributions from viewers like you! Thank you!". Hmmm, too much public television perhaps?

So today I am trying to push through the inevitable decompression that comes after a joyous holiday and all the anticipation and excitement that it entails. I am teetering on being depressed, or just tired, or something. There is definitely a let down going on here.

In trying to get back on track, I am slowly tossing out all the remaining goodies from my marathon baking adventures of last week. I can't seem to part with the Neiman Marcus cookies or the German Chocolate Cupcakes just yet, but everything else is gone. The brownies got finished off this morning, the pumpkin spice cake was devoured mid week last week and the fudge is just going by way of the trash can I think (once the garbage men get here tomorrow - did I mention we needed a pick up already! ack!).

I have also been cultivating the most wonderful desires to purge the things in this house. Call it nesting, call it insanity, sanity, whatever - things are about to start moving out. Think Goodwill would want some 35 year old cookbooks?? How about used pillows or maybe the contents of my junk drawer? No? Hmm, well maybe the garbage men will take those things. (oops, I mentioned them again, didn't I?)

Baby Port is going to have a rough week once I stop his hourly fix of sugar laden goodies. I think I gained about 5 pounds last week, and it was not the result of his ever growing body in my uterus. It is the result of my ever growing back side! Ugh! Hopefully I am on the right track today though; I had a wonderful salad for lunch today with lots of goodies that were left over from the holiday festivities (I'm talking the good stuff people!). I added some left over raw broccoli, cauliflower, carrots and some shrimp that was left from last night. YUM! It was a nice change from chicken and tuna and avocado.

As I type, I am listening to this...It was a stocking stuffer and I am pretty impressed (though her hair is kind of scary, but don't let that deter you from the music)! I actually used to be a huge fan of hers, but got kind of turned off after seeing some interviews a few years back. For some reason she got kind of cheesy to me and so I haven't been interested in a while. But, after hearing a couple of songs off this album, I thought I'd toss it on my xmas wish list just for the fun of it. It is a pretty nicely done album. I think I may have a couple of new favorites! (though I think I can do without track 11. ick) I wonder if I can still sing her stuff. I could while in college (and my voice was in good shape) but I'm not so sure about now. I guess I need to upload this to my mp3 and start practicing.

And speaking of Kiddo speak (weren't we talking about that earlier?) I was cleaning off my little point and shoot camera for Hubby when I came across this. Please forgive the poor quality - it was shot spur of the moment with a point and shoot camera and low batteries. He just cracked me up! (oh yes, and the floor is a mess because he was coloring with markers and paint and stickers and all kids of interesting things - so please forgive that too!) I've never posted a video before, so I hope this works...

Hopefully I can start posting video more often now as I received this for Christmas!

It is so cute and easy to use! I lurve it!!

So, I guess that is something for you to look forward to - right? Kinda like me and the garbage man...


D :)


TitanKT said...

Hey! Happy New Year to you and Hubby and Kiddo and Port. Glad to hear it was all merry and bright for you and you ate, drank and beed merry with your family. I love that, too.

Was just going to add my little anecdote about garbage men. I was IM-ing with my mom the other day and she mentioned she and my dad were going to the marina and it was a good thing because they really needed to take trash [to the big dumpster there]. Then I said, "Oh yeah, that reminds me, I need to put my can out for the men." Heh. Not something you usually say to your mom, kwim? Funny, tho.

C. L. Fry said...

That kid is weird...

...and what exactly are you looking forward to with the garbage man???

TitanKT said...

Hahah! Well, nothing except that they take away the trash... but that's sure not how it sounded, huh?!

Dawn said...

Lol! Katy! That was Hubby above asking me about the garbage men - ;)

I have to say though I cracked up at your "put[ting] out the can" comment to your mom! Too funny! :D

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