Thursday, January 24, 2008

Fat Boy

Ok, so I guess I do need to go back to IKEA! Thanks J and V for the suggestions. I did have a chance to look for toy bins at Target today, but what they had was nothing to get excited about.

So anyway, I had another perinatologist appointment today. Everything looks good and they did all the baby measurements again. Last time he was measuring 10 days ahead. This time, most of his measurements were from 7-12 days ahead except for one. His abdomen was measuring over 3 WEEKS ahead!! Holy smokes, my baby is a chunky monkey! The nurse and the doctor didn't seem too concerned; they of course asked me if I had passed my glucose tolerance test. I did have it last week and am still assuming that no news is good news on that. However, I will certainly verify it at my appointment next week.

So, based on the Buddha belly measurements, the nurse said I will most likely be giving birth to a 9.5-10 pound baby! Yikes! Of course, seeing that on both sides of the family the second babies were all over 9 pounds, I shouldn't be surprised. As of right now my little chub weighs a robust 4 pounds, 5 ounces, give or take a few.

After talking to Hubby though, we think that Port (ha! now it makes even more sense!) might be a parts and pieces growth spurt baby. At my first peri appointment, his head was measuring really big, and now it's the tummy. Maybe he will even out.

He's still gonna be a big'un!

Mercy me, I better start my practicing visualization techniques now. I see big, open fields; wide, open spaces,

D :)


Julia said...

OH MY! I can't even remember how many months old Chloe was when she hit 10 lbs, but it was a day of celebration when she FINALLY broke double digits. :) Who knows! You might just have baby Port before I have Noah.

kimberly said...

you can do it, you can do it, you can do it...

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