Thursday, January 10, 2008

Open Your Eyes

Oh we had such a long night last night. Well at least I did. I woke up the first time about an hour and a half after going to sleep. I was dreaming intensely about the lasagna I had made for dinner and woke up to realize the reason was because I had terrible, terrible heartburn. I definitely overdosed on Tums last night.

About an hour later the cat woke me up wanting out, and then an hour after that Kiddo woke up; I guess because he had a nightmare or something. He was just sitting up in bed sobbing. I took him to the couch, got him a little milk (which he never drank!) and went back to bed. About 2 hours later I heard Kiddo crying again and I got up to check it out. This time he had sneezed and "had a boogie" and needed a tissue. I captured said boogie and in my half asleep state, stupidly let the cat back in the house.

Of course, 30 minutes later she was meowing in my room again, wanting to be fed. So I threw her out the front door. Then an hour later Hubby's alarm went off, and instead of getting up he decided to sleep in. However, he couldn't go back to sleep so he wiggled and squirmed and kept me awake for 30 minutes until he finally got up. 30 minutes later he left and Kiddo came crawling into bed with me. It took him an hour to quit pulling my hair and kicking me and then he finally went into a deep sleep. I laid there for a few minutes and decided to just get up already.

I sat down to my beautiful cup of fresh brewed coffee only to hear "Mommy, GET BACK HERE!" coming from my bedroom.

*sigh* wahhhhhh!

I am so tired.


Kiddo wanted to draw two days ago and so I gave him some paper and a marker. Hubby and I were talking in the kitchen and I looked down at Kiddo and noticed that he was writing his name!!! He has never, ever attempted letters before (except "O", ha ha!) and he just sat down and wrote his name plain as day on the paper. He had trouble with one letter, so I made a couple of practice letters on the page in dots and had him trace them. He was so proud of himself, and I was beaming! See, he's smart despite my bad parenting! lol!


This baby is doing some serious repositioning in my belly. It feels like he's moving furniture in there! He has been head down, side to side and diagonal all within about a 24 hour period. Once he was head down and he turned facing my right side so all the kicks and movement were poking out the right. He is pushing so hard at times it feels like he is about to break through the skin.

My intestinal difficulties have begun to resolve, and I kid you not, I have lots 5+ pounds! Aren't you glad I am telling you all the gory details??!? I feel so much better now. My belly looks smaller too. ;) ;)

I have changed my breakfast to high fiber cereal and a BIG glass of juice (for obvious reasons) and I really miss my egg, cheese and grits breakfast. Plus, all that sugar and carbs (after my one cup of coffee) first thing in the morning makes me crash hard at about 11am. So, lunch has been moved earlier in the day and I am afraid I am about to have to implement the "2nd lunch" program I so enjoyed when I was pregnant with Kiddo. Sometimes I can spread it out though, and instead of "2nd lunch" I have "10:30 cereal" just before bed. I enjoy that more, but it makes the hours in between lunch and dinner agony, and I think I end up eating more in the grand scheme that way. My blood sugar is very sensitive when pregnant, so a handful of almonds here and some cheese there and a strawberry newton after that all adds up to a not so great diet.


I was able to meet a friend of mine for coffee the other night and I had so much fun! It was so nice to get out of the house kid free, and talk about anything we wanted. Of course, we talked about our kids, but that's beside the point! I wish I had more evenings like that. I was on a natural high for several hours afterward. (or maybe the high was from the peppermint mocha??)

I suppose that's all I have to say. Besides, a little person keeps shoving a ViewMaster in my face so I am finding it hard to type.

D :)

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Julia said...

I had a blast too at coffee night, and so did the little booger who definitely LOVED that chai latte a little more than I did. :) We need to do it more often.

Way to S! That's tough stuff, name writing. Amazing what our kids can do if we just sit back and hand them a piece of paper and marker.

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