Thursday, January 31, 2008

Fade Away

Hmm, I guess I am at the point in my pregnancy where I need to become house-bound and keep myself from public view until the baby comes. I went out last night, by myself, to do some Kiddo free shopping. One of my stops was at the local bed and bath store, and while cruising around the big store circle, I was having some serious Braxton-Hicks contractions. In an effort to not sit down in the middle of the isle I was walking around holding my belly up for relief. I was looking around the "kids" section (don't even get me started at how little "kids" type things they had there), one of the employees was standing high up on a ladder, loading things onto a high shelf. He looks down and says to me "you look like you are getting close."

Me: "well, yeah, sort of."
Him: "Any day now, huh?"

I replied that I had a couple more months and he turned a few shades of red before scampering quickly away.

At the next store, I was walking circles around the kitchen section, intently looking for a specific item. I was still holding my belly up because the contractions were still coming, and I guess I must have had a "deep in thought" expression. I walked past an employee who was putting out sale signage and without even looking up at me she says "You look awful, are you having a bad day?"

I was cruising by her quickly, so I did the first thing I could think of and blurted out "oh I'm just tired." then laughed nervously. I zipped on by, and another employee across the isle said "are you talking to me?". The rude lady replies "no, I was talking to this lady that walked by. She looks like that baby has been kicking her hard all day."

Geeze, why don't you announce it to the whole store lady?

I'm going into hiding.

D :)


TitanKT said...

Oh, it's shocking the things people feel free to say to pregnant women!!!

I remember sitting in the OBs office at about the end of my 7th month and, yes, I was wearing a shirt with horizontal stripes that I probably shouldn't have been wearing, but some other woman (in the OBs office!!) said I looked like I was having twins. UGH! Thanks, lady, feel free to keep your mouth shut next time.

I hope your BH contrax have eased up... I hear if you drink lots of water they'll ease off a little bit. And that would certainly keep you housebound, too. LOL.

Mollie said...

awww... can I come hug you?

Vick said...

Man, people are seriously ignunt, huh?

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