Friday, January 04, 2008

Right Next to the Right One

I probably have tinsel on my bottom. ;)

I have been working on getting all the holiday stuff put away today; in the process I am also throwing out a ton of stuff. I suppose that is good. Unfortunately I am not throwing out enough stuff to condense boxes down, so we still have too many things that need to go in the attic.

I am also desperately trying to stop thinking about the Hershey kisses in my pantry or the cheese in the fridge and instead find a taste for the wasabi almonds I bought the other day (which are very good, just not when all you can think about is chocolate or cheese). Almonds=fiber=good. Chocolate/Cheese=not good. *sigh*

Anyway, I have been feeling better today - I think the 10 gallons of water I drank yesterday finally got me back to a good hydration, though it didn't do much else. However, taking down the tree decorations left my hands so dry they started cracking and bleeding. ugh, I can't seem to win.

The dog has been tortured for the past few days as I am not letting her spend much time outside in the back yard. Remember my dog?

a picture of her and the Kiddo from last year...

Anyway, my dog - all 40??ish pounds of sweet dogginess, decided a couple of days ago that she could indeed clear a 6 foot fence and jump out of the back yard. Now, we have known this for some time now, but thankfully she didn't and so we never really thought she would try. About 2 or 3 weeks ago, she did it accidentally while chasing a bird and immediately ran to our front door, barked to come in, and when I opened the door she ran in with her head down and tail tucked and hid in her cage. She knew she was in trouble, but of course just the display of "oh carp!" that she made when I let her in kept me from scolding her. too much...

So the other day I was sitting here at the computer and I heard this weird scratchy, claws against wood sound so I stepped out in our back yard to investigate. In 28 degree weather. In my pajamas and robe. With no shoes.

I called the dog. She did not come. I called again, this time louder and I heard the faint jingle of her collar in the distance. We have a pretty large back yard, and an attached side yard as well, so I looked off in the direction of the side yard thinking she had somehow gotten through that gate. Out of the corner of my eye I saw something white moving in the neighbors back yard. We have about 6 houses that back up to our fence in one way or another and there was my dog in the yard of the lady who runs an in home daycare.

Oh mercy.

See, I am the proud owner of a pit bull. I love my dog. Everyone who knows my dog, loves her. She is the sweetest thing in the world, but because of how she looks she is greatly discriminated against. I knew I needed to get her out of that lady's yard and fast.

What the heck was I to do? It was early, and by the time I got Kiddo and myself dressed and around the corner to the street behind me there was no telling where she would be. Most of the fences in this neighborhood are in bad shape, and she most likely would have found a hole and been wandering the neighborhood by the time I made it to my car.

So I called her again. I mean, I figured if she jumped over once, maybe she would do it again?!?

Sure enough, she came to the fence and jumped.

Except this time she didn't quite make it over, and instead had to pull herself up to the top of the wooden fence. Ahh, there was that familiar scratching sound.

Then she did the funniest thing. She perched herself on the top of the fence.

Perched. On tippy toe with all four paws insanely close to each other.

And she sat there for a good two minutes trying to figure out what to do.

Imagine if you can, a very large pit bull perched like a delicate bird on top of a 6 foot high fence, looking around and wobbling back and forth, obviously perplexed at making her next move.

I about wet myself I was laughing so hard!

I called out to her to jump already and so she did, thankfully into another yard. It was the one next to me and the house is empty, so I streaked out my front door and around the house to open their gate and let her out.

I guess we are now going to have to invest in some sort of electric fence or something.

Darn animals.


D :)

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Vick said...

I can't believe you don't have a picture of your dog on the fence. Thanks for the laugh :)

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