Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Innocence Maintained

Kiddo has, from day one, been a relatively easy baby/child. Granted, he didn't sleep for the first couple of years of his life, but I am coming to realize that issue is small potatoes to what I could have gone through with him. Thankfully we didn't have endless bouts of crying or illness (except for at the very beginning) and once mobile he has been a dream. I have friends that have children that get into everything, and have since day one. They try in vain to child proof their homes to keep their children out of the cabinets and safe - many even have children that can figure out the safety locks and still get into trouble.

Kiddo, I have to brag, has never been that child. We safety locked the doors, he realized he couldn't open them and quit trying. He opened a drawer one time, we told him not to touch and he obeyed. He is not an overly curious or sneaky little guy, and has always been compliant with most of the rules of the house.

So, suffice it to say we have never had to really worry about what he might be up to when he goes into a different room of the house. He pretty much has free reign; no room is really off limits, and those that are (like the office) are secured with a door thingy that keeps him from opening it.

So Sunday night Hubby and I were at our respective computers, and I noticed Kiddo was strangely quiet in another area of the house. I asked Hubby where he was, Hubby responded that he thought Kiddo was in his room, but something about the silence stuck with me. After a couple more minutes I asked Hubby to go check on him. Hubby took his time (as I would have too), drank some water, looked at something else and then finally ventured down the hall to Kiddo's room.

Kiddo wasn't there.

He heard something coming from our bathroom and went in to investigate. I heard nothing from my place in the dining room, and then suddenly Kiddo came running out with wet arms and said to me "Mommy I sorry I made a mess".

Hubby was standing behind him with this strange look on his face. I looked up and dared to ask what Kiddo had been doing.

So Hubby led me to the bathroom. All the way down the hall Kiddo is saying "Mommy I sorry, Mommy I made a mess".

I walked into the bathroom to discover that my non-devious, non-sneaky Kiddo had somehow reached up on the back of the bathroom counter and retrieved 3 bottles. One was his regular bath soap, the next was his lotion and the third was a brand new bottle of expensive, vapor bath wash that I just purchased the day before.

Hubby said when he walked in, Kiddo had the lotion bottle upside down and was squeezing it as hard as he could trying to add to the gigantic puddles of bath wash he had squirted on to the floor.

There was bath wash everywhere; all over the hand towel on the counter, in the box of wash rags, all over the counter itself and then there were the two big puddles on the floor. The entire bathroom smelled like vapor rub!

I just couldn't get mad - I was so in shock! This was so out of character for Kiddo. And he looked so pitiful, knowing full well he had done something wrong; he repeatedly said he was sorry.

I am still stunned. It was so funny!

But I am glad that Hubby discovered it. I cringe to think of what might have happened had one of us walked into the bathroom and slipped on the soapy sticky floor. Especially if it had been me as usually by that time of evening I am running on auto-pilot and not paying attention to what I am stepping on.

Kiddo, without punishment (just a very stern talking to) was extremely helpful and cooperative that night.

Parenting is so interesting. I realize that what he did was really nothing compared to some of the stories I've heard, but for my little Kiddo it was so highly unusual and "kid" like (I don't know how else to describe it) that I am still shaking my head over it. What on earth possessed him?

Anyway, I thought I would try to share another video of him. This one is kind of long, but the end is pretty funny to me. Kiddo is "reading" the holiday cards I stacked up on the kitchen counter after taking down all the holiday decorations.



D :)


TitanKT said...

Uh huh! It was a ploy all along to lull you into a false sense of security about the long silences.

But, I totally understand... my son is exactly the same. He never opened cabinets or drawers, never stuck fingers into light sockets... none of that.

He's also never been very daring, he's reluctant to try anything, including pretty tame stuff like somersaulting. He's afraid to get hurt.

He was quite old before he would even TRY to jump. Just jump. Not jump OFF anything... just... jump.

I don't want to sound too much like I'm complaining, though.

Julia said...

Sorry, but I had a good laugh over this! :-) It reminds me of the time that I found C with the shredded library book that turned out to be partially my own fault of clipping coupons in front of her. You never know what got into S's head, but it sounds like he knew he did something wrong when he 'fessed up with an apology. He could have just closed the door until you discovered the mess. :)

jhjohnstone said...

Oh, I feel for you! Both my kids have been on-the-go, into-everything, leave-no-stone-unturned since they were babies. It's exhausting. And I can only imagine how shocking it was for you since S has always been so laid back. I hope for your sake that it was just a one-time occurrence. :-)

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