Monday, March 09, 2009


Yesterday Kiddo was pretty whiny. He did well in church, but fussed quite a bit on the way home. We did our usual routine, stopping at a Walgreen's on the way for a Sunday paper and a gallon of milk. When we got home, I dissected the paper and gave Kiddo the comics section. In the past he has stared at the pictures for a while and then gone on to something else. But yesterday he actually sat down and read the cartoons. I was so proud of him! I listened to him sound out and read every word of almost all of the strips.

He reads a lot. Every sign, every box and package; every piece of paper that comes in the house that even looks remotely kid-geared, he reads. I am constantly amazed at the words he recognizes and even more amazed at the ones he figures out all on his own. I have never really been sure of his comprehension though, because it seems like I have to do a lot of explaining of some of the things he reads.

That afternoon he was getting more and more irritable and when I reprimanded him for something he snapped back at me "I'm tired!". He often will toss that back at me as an excuse for his behavior, and after dealing with his excuses and backtalk all afternoon, I told him that if he was tired then he should go to bed and take a nap. He of course protested (he hasn't taken a nap - well, EVER really) but I insisted, walked him into his room and instructed him to take off his shoes and get in bed. He starts yelling at me "But I don't need a nap! I'm too old to take a nap!!". I was thinking to myself, "where on earth did he get that??" I mean, we have never said anything to him about being too old or too young - especially in regards to napping - I was totally thrown.

I put him in his bed and shut his door. A few minutes later I was picking up the newspaper and the strewn about comics section when this caught my eye...

My Kiddo did not sleep, but he certainly did make me proud. For him to read this AND comprehend it AND apply it to his life - well, I am simply amazed.

D :)


Julia said...

He IS a very bright, perceptive person. I knew *exactly* which comic was referenced because I remember chuckling at that when I saw it and thinking how this sounded just like my household.

TitanKT said...

Michael's always been like that, too, and still is sort of. It's been years since he's taken daily naps, but every once in a while I'll get him to lie down with me and he ALWAYS says he's not tired and he ALWAYS falls asleep quickly and sleeps longer than I do. Heh.

Vick said...

How cool!! What a clever little man ... even if it's frustrating as heck to deal with :)

jhjohnstone said...

Holy smokes! What a smart guy! That is awesome that he can read (and comprehend) that well even before starting kindergarten!

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