Friday, March 06, 2009

Times Like These

Happy Friday Everyone!

Well, I am actually writing this on Saturday, but don't tell anyone, ok? I started to write this post last night (Friday), and my computer started wigging out on me! I made several attempts to write a post - but my cursor kept jumping around and messing everything up. I think the touch pad is about to go out on my laptop and it is making everything screwy.

In the past two weeks I have had so much trouble with this laptop. I suppose it is about time for it to be retired. I've had many a "tech" person tell me that most laptops (that are heavily used) only last about 2 years. This one is nearing the 3 year mark. Unfortunately, I can't afford to replace it. Hubby's laptop is about 5 years old and it is LITERALLY being held together with rubber bands! lol!

So anyway, I was hoping to write my coffee post from the brand new Starbucks that opened up (on my birthday!) right up the street from my house! I am sooooo excited about this Starbucks being so close. I am already envisioning running away in the evenings for a few minutes of coffee shop quiet with a steaming cup after a long hard day with the kiddos. I am hoping to be a "regular" and get to know the baristas. Yes, I lead an exciting life! *wink*

Well, we are a week into the sleep training and I think it is going pretty well. Port is now sleeping from about 8pm to almost 8am every night. He goes down and cries for about a minute now. Naps, well those are all messed up, but I am confident we will figure it out. He really needs 2 a day, but he is very resistant to the morning nap.

The biggest problem I am having is that when I put him down at night he makes me feel terribly guilty. He starts screaming now before we even get in his room; he's so tired he knows he needs to go to bed but he doesn't want to be put in the crib. We have quiet time in the chair next to the crib and he almost always falls asleep in my arms while I am giving him his bottle. If I make the slightest motion like I am about to stand up and put him in the crib, he immediately starts wailing. It is so sad and makes me feel absolutely awful. I wonder how long it is going to take for him to get used to and accept the idea that this is how it's going to go; or if he is always going to react this way.

I suppose only time will tell. :)

Well, I hope you all are having a wonderful weekend! If you are bored, the post below is about my birthday - I turned 35 this year. woo hoo! lol!

Thanks for stopping by!
D :)


Julia said...

I'm not sure if this will happen to Port, but after both of mine started the 12 hr sleep stretches and with naps straightened out, they both naturally shifted their sleep from 7 pm-7 am. There wasn't anything that I could do to change that so time changes and travel screwed everything up. Hope this doesn't happen to you since you said mornings are not your cup of coffee. :)

Rachel Anne said...

And I forgot to mention that I love your birthday photos! Beautiful inside and outside. I really wish I had done something like that, especially now that I'm on the downhill slide of life, sadly. I might be fun to look back and think I was kinda cute back in the day.

I'm taking a break from what I should be doing, so I better get back to it.

Rachel Anne said...

IT might be fun...sorry, forgot the "t"

Joyce said...

Happy belated birthday!

Isn't it crazy how even if you know they're tired, they don't want to take a nap? Drives me crazy! No one ever said parenting was easy. The benefits are great when you see smiles on their faces, and they give you hugs. Well, anyhow, I hope the sleep gets better for all of you. hehe Take care!

onemotherslove said...

Happy birthday! I'll be 36 the week after our baby comes! Not sure what I was thinking.... Anyway, enjoy your new Starbucks! And I can not fathom Sonic without drinks!!! The horrors!!!

N and N said...

I've never been to a it good? and can I ask what you do with the red button? Starbucks just opened in our town, woohoo! although I have stayed away and made my own (much cheaper but somehow not nearly as tasty when not called tall and skinny) beverages at home. Happy belated birthday!

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