Monday, March 16, 2009

Dirty Dancing

We totally scored yesterday!!!

After church, we were on the hunt for dirt for our garden. Unsure of what to get, we decided to price a couple of places. We perused the offerings at the local Walmart, and from what we could tell, we were going to need many a bag of the only thing labeled for vegetable gardens, at a hefty $4 a bag. So, we were thinking we were about to spend close to $75 on just soil, not even including fertilizer and mulch. The day before we decided to go down to a local garden center and price the dirt there. They didn't sell dirt, but thankfully the place next door did and for a yard of garden dirt we would pay about $45. Of course the loose dirt seemed like the better deal - way more than we would need, but much less expensive. Unfortunately along with the cheap price came the inconvenience of having to actually get the dirt from our driveway to the back yard; and we do not own a wheelbarrow.

We flopped back and forth over what to do all Saturday night and Sunday morning. So after church we decided to go price everything again and see if we could come up with a better deal. We went back to Walmart and priced everything again, and then on a whim Hubby suggested we try Home Depot (we had priced Lowes a couple weeks before - way more expensive). We drove over to HD and actually found some things a bit cheaper than Walmart, but not as cheap as the loose dirt. One of the sales associates asked if he could help and we told him what we were looking for.

Thank goodness! He informed us that we really only needed a few big bags of the pricey stuff (the bigger bag was about $7.50) and then the rest of the soil could be a mixture of their $1/bag top soil and plain ol' manure. Yippie! There were only a few big bags of the pricey stuff left in the slot, and he said he was about to get another pallet down - but, if we would buy the bags left (they were torn in a couple of places) he would give them to us for almost half price.

Half price!!

THEN, he informed us that the mulch we were looking at is going on sale next weekend for $1 per bag.

$1 PER BAG!!!

I was so excited! We got out of there for a measly $35, with easy to transport bagged soil and almost everything we needed. We did have to go back for a few more bags of the soil/manure combination, but even with that we stayed under $50.

I am thrilled to say the least.

So the dirt is in the box and once I get it all planted I just have to buy mulch and we are set.

This is so exciting!

D :)

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