Saturday, March 21, 2009

On A Saturday

More conversations with Kiddo:

"Mommy, when we are up in Heaven it will be wonderful."

"Yes Baby, it will."

"When we are in Heaven, I'm gonna pick you a flower. I'm gonna give flowers to you."

"That will be lovely Baby."


On our way to meet up with Aunt A and Uncle W - a surprise for Kiddo.

"Mommy I am excited about the surprise! I am getting so excited!!"

"That's good! I think you will like the surprise."

"What is the surprise? What surprise is it?"

"I can't tell you or it won't be a surprise. You will find out when we get there."

(looking out the window of the car as we pass different stores and landmarks. talking to himself.)
"That's not the surprise. That's not it either. Nope, not that one. Not that one either."


Something I forgot to mention the other day... we had our first night of putting Port to bed and there was no crying!!! He just laid down and went right to sleep! I couldn't believe it. We've been doing the "training" for about a month now??!? and Port is sleeping from about 7:30pm to 8:00am every night. And actually, I could probably put him down for the night at about 6:30 or 7 because that is when he gets really sleepy. Unfortunately, if I do put him down that early, he is up before 7 and Momma can't deal with that AT ALL. Sorry, I don't function before daylight. So anyway, he went to bed and didn't even fuss. The next night he did his usual crying for about 30 seconds, but I think it was because we had a kind of messed up quiet time. He sucked down his bottle way too fast and wanted more, so I had to get up and go fix him another bottle in the kitchen. All the shuffling and whatnot kind of took him out of the "zone" and he was not happy when I put him in the crib. Thankfully he doesn't cry long though.

Naps are getting much better - I put him in the crib at nap time with his bottle and he is usually out in under 5 minutes. Sometimes he will wake up and cry about 45 minutes later, but if I leave him alone he will go back to sleep for another hour or so. He does not do well with just an hour nap so I try to make him stay in his room for 2 hours at least.


So yesterday I managed to score a nice long, hot shower by myself with no screaming children in the room and no interruptions whatsoever. It was absolute Heaven I tell you! Until...I turned my back to the sprayer to rinse conditioner out of my hair and *CLUNK!*


shower head

fell off the wall.


And wouldn't you know it, my Handy Dandy Live In Handy Man is off riding his motorcycle with other HDLIHMen in the National Forest somewhere. So guess what I get to do today???

You are absolutely correct. I am sitting around drinking Dr. Pepper and a grape slush from Sonic.

Oh yeah, and replacing the shower head. Well, I installed the original one (and nooooo, that's not why it broke!) so I guess I should be the one to replace it, right?

[Dr. Pepper and grape slush in separate cups; not together. That would be gross. Maybe. hmmm, I suppose it wouldn't hurt to try it...]

I hate doing stuff like this. But, I guess if I want to take a shower in my own bathroom this weekend, I'm going to have to replace it myself.


I have also been meaning to blog about this too... For about 3 or 4 months now (ever since he learned to crawl) Port has been making car sounds when he plays with anything with wheels. At first, I thought he was just doing his regular baby noises; he grunts and groans and makes all kinds of sounds throughout the day. But this sound is different, and it is reserved for only things with wheels (or flat objects he can push around like a car). He will push something around and make this deep guttural sound in his throat - it is the coolest thing!!!

And oh boy is this kid a charmer. Today we met up with Aunt A and Uncle W on their way back home from spring break. They haven't seen the kids since Christmas. Port was all smiles and flirty and being silly. He showed off and pranced around and grinned that ornery toothy grin that lets one know he is definitely up to something! He was a hoot.

I am so scared.



Today after we got back from the park I planted the basil, rosemary, chives and dill in my little planters. Man I hope something grows from all of this. I went back to Home Depot this morning and picked up some of the $1/bag mulch.

{I got there right as they opened and that place was a ZOO! Hello! I think everyone is doing a garden this weekend!}

So, my gardening experts out there - when am I supposed to add the mulch? After I have plants or now before everything sprouts? It seems like it would mess things up if I did it now...right?

I am so clueless about this stuff. Help!


And the worst thing happened to me this week. Brace yourself.






gift cards


What am I going to do??? I had a whole stash of them from birthdays, Christmas, client thank-yous, friendly gifts. etc. and now they are all gone.


Did you know that some of those Coinstar machines will take your change and spit out Starbucks gift cards in exchange - for NO fees?


Except none of the ones around here do. BOO! {OMG - I totally take that back!!! I just checked and the one right by my house DOES have the Starbucks gift cards!!! YEEEEEEE!!!!!!}

I have seen a widget that I can put on my blog that allows people to donate to a registered Starbucks gift card (a dollar here, a five spot all adds up)...but I don't know if I can do that. It just seems, it seems, I don't know. Kinda weird I guess. I may try it anyway - I am so *that* desperate. I love Starbucks, but man their coffee is expensive! lol!

Ahh the predicaments I am in! Tragic! ;)

D :)


J. Nalley said...

I am NOT an expert, but don't mulch yet. If you planted from seed they won't poke through easily. When you are ready you can just use grass clippings or even leaves I think rather than purchasing mulch. My dad has had a garden for years and grew up on a farm and that's what he does so I trust it! He has a great garden using basic supplies. I doubt he has ever even bought compost or manure like I do! :-)

Victoria said...

Mulch after the seedlings are a good few inches tall.

Yay on the good sleeping!! I'm so glad he's found a good groove and just konks out :)

Mollie said...

i have a black thumb so I can't help.... but HELLO>>> widget for Starbucks??? SOOOO doing this ;)

Jen said...

Auh yes, I love giftcards as well. Free money. Good times. Sucks when it ends...I feel your pain!

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