Tuesday, March 31, 2009


Ah well fabulous.

I swear, I really do try to find something positive to talk about on here, but it just seems darn near impossible right now.


My sweet little Port man is in teething h-e-double-hockey-sticks again this week. My poor, poor baby. He has not 1, not 2, not 3 but 4!!!! teeth (one of those is apparently a MOLAR) coming in all at once.

The teething poop started today.

Good Lord.

I don't think the skin on his hiney will ever be the same.

And my Kiddo - who has been sniffling right along with me for the past few days with all of these allergens in the air...

I took him to a play date this morning with no less than 10 other children, and brought him home 2 hours later and discovered he was running a 102 fever.

Poor guy. Strangely enough though, he seems fine. It didn't really bother him a bit. He only complained of being hot and then cold, and then he was fine. Very weird.

So hopefully we didn't infect anyone with anything. The one time I actually make it to a play date...

The play date was really fun though. It's so nice to get some time in with a great group of ladies. I really enjoy hanging out with them.

Though after bringing my sick kid over they may never ask me to come play again. ;)

Maybe they will still meet me for coffee...

See, I found a positive! yay!

D ;)

1 comment:

Victoria said...

Ugh - I *hate* teething. I think Miss O is working on something too, as she's been drooly as heck ...

Before Bean was in preschool, I probably would have cared more about Kiddo being sick. Now I've come to realize that, short of sending them into the world in a hamster ball, there's nothing that we can do to shield kids from cooties. If not at school or a playdate, then on a bathroom door or a shopping cart handle. Trust me, Bean picks up more cooties in 5 minutes of her own devices than she could have ever picked up from kiddo :)

Hope he and Port are doing better soon!

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