Monday, March 30, 2009

Will It Grow

After the hail storm we had last week, I have been wracking my brain about what to do about the garden. I thought for sure it was toast - it was pelted hard and covered in ice for several hours, then chilled to nearly freezing 2 nights in a row. I just knew it was all gone; all the seeds, all that time spent. And now that "planting" time for seeds has pretty much passed, I was scouring the recesses of my mind (and bank account) to figure out how we could possibly afford to go buy plants for our garden. I thought about visiting the Coinstar machine again, and this time selecting a Lowe's gift card, but unfortunately the $15-20 we have lying around in change now won't get us very far in the garden center there.


We are preparing our house for an onslaught of visitors this week. The whole fam is coming in to celebrate little Port turning 1 (sob!). I don't have a party planned, just all of us getting together and hanging out. I am sure I will go overboard as usual making lots and lots of food and sweets - I haven't even *thought* about what to do for Port's cake yet. Gracious.

Hubby was out working on the back deck yesterday and while Port was napping I decided to take a walk through the back yard and inspect what was left of my garden. I hadn't been out there since last Wednesday; too afraid to look.

But look what I found...
These are either peppers, zucchini or cucumber....not sure which. lol! Below is what I *think* is brussel sprouts!
Those are BEANS!!

And this next one; I think it might be spinach??
The one below is, I believe, the first of the corn.
These are chives. Can you see them??
And this is another herb...not sure which one. Maybe basil??
I am so EXCITED!!!!

In other news, replacement of our skylight would cost at least $150, so for now we are going to go ghetto and put a nasty looking fiberglass patch on what is left of the old one. At least it is on the back of the house so it's not visible from the street, and only people actually in my home will see it, should they happen to look up while in the kitchen. Oh well. While Hubby was working on the yard our leaf blower/sucker/mulcher finally gave up the ghost. The lawn mower is being held together with 2 parts duct tape, 1 part zip ties and 1 part rubberbands (you think I am kidding?) and Hubby's lap top is trying to die a slow death.

So any day now I expect to come home and find nothing but a pile of dust in my driveway...

Lala lala lala lala laaaaaah!

Yes, I might be a bit nutso this week. Maybe >< this much.

But I'll soon have veggies!!! So it's all good, right?

D :)


Julia said...

My grandparents offer me cuttings from their full blown organic patch all the time, and I always turn them down. Now you have me inspired to take them up on the offer.

kimberly said...

Who eats brussel sprouts?

J. Nalley said...

YAY for the garden! I think I planted mine a week or 2 after you, so I am on the look out now! I am so excited! Yes look on the bright side - Veggies!

TitanKT said...

Yes, crazy perhaps! But very regular!

Kimberly, I LOVE brussel sprouts. Million ways to fix 'em, they're delicious!!!

Mollie said...

yea for earth's magic!! We started planning our garden out today. I hope we can start this weekend.

And I love brussel sprouts too!

kimberly said...

I must not have had them prepared in a delicious way... hmmmm

J. Nalley said...

I don't like 'em either Kim!!

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