Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Ear Candy

Well I finally gave in and took Port to the doctor. After being up all night again and going through a 2AM scream fest where he was in absolute excruciating pain, I just couldn't risk putting him through another night of all that (and honestly, I needed the sleep). So I called the doctor at 8:30AM and we got an appointment for 10:45.

We pulled into the parking lot, I got Port out of the car and realized that after 3 full days and nights of 102+ fever and a temp check at 8:30 of 102.4, he felt.....cooler.

By the time the nurse checked his temp in the exam room, he didn't even have a fever.


Of course! But, there was still significant fluid in both ears, definite signs of infection (thankfully no perforation) and he was still extremely cranky. The doc swabbed him for a flu test just in case, because he was concerned with how high the fever had been. The flu test came back negative (thank God!) so he wrote us a script for a big antibiotic and some pain drops for the ears. Port actually did really well in the doctor's office; he screamed when he was examined but was relatively calm otherwise. He even learned a new word, "dot". lol! The exam room has all these goofy stickers on the walls; Nemo and Tinkerbell...and some flowers, mushrooms and different colored dots. Port took a liking to the orange dot behind the exam table, and after telling him it was a dot a couple of times, he started saying "dot, dot!". It was, of course, super cute.

And of course, the fever came back as soon as we left.

So we have a follow up exam 2 weeks from now, and the doc insisted that we do Port's missed 18 month well check at that time too. So much for putting that off in an effort to avoid doctors offices. *sigh*

On a side note, I found out our pediatrician is suffering from Hodgkin's Lymphoma. He looks great though and says he is "surviving". I can't imagine working as hard as a doctor does and suffering with the debilitating treatment from such a disease. He said he was stage 4, which makes me even more amazed at how great he looks.

But back to Port - one dose of antibiotic and some drops in his ears and he is like a new kid. He still isn't eating much and he refuses to nap in his crib, but otherwise he seems to be doing much better.

Hopefully we can get him to sleep in his crib tonight.

D :)

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