Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Gotta Travel On

Last night Hubby and I were up until the wee hours, trying to do productive things for our trip this week, but sadly only made it through folding several thousand loads of laundry. The morning came early and we were dragging, trying to get out the door at a decent hour for the drive to my sister-in-law's house up near Dallas. We ended up leaving about 3 hours later than planned, but managed to hit very little traffic on the way. There was one place that had the freeway narrowed down to 1 lane, and that had traffic backed up for about a mile.

And seriously, why on earth would the highway department choose Thanksgiving week to patch a small section of the freeway?? Surely it could wait until after the busiest travel days of the year??

Anyway, the boys traveled well for the first half of the trip (re: the baby was sleeping) but then the ride got ugly as my 1 yr old launched into his favorite rendition of his very own original one man show, Scream (no, not the movie).

But, despite the screaming, we made it there safely and were greeted by my cute, bubbly sister in law. We spent some time at a local park so the boys could play. They climbed, slid and played on the swings while Hubby, Sister In Law (SIL) and I tried not to freeze to death. The wind was icy cold coming off the lake - it was chilling us to the bone.

At one point, Kiddo was talking to a little girl there that was probably a somewhere between 2 and 3, and I overheard him say to her, "don't worry, Jesus is with you always."

Oh mercy!

Back at the SIL's house, Kiddo played video games and we hung out. Then SIL made some yummy homemade pizza for dinner. Tonight we are going to hang out next to the fire pit out side for a bit and visit with them while we can. In the morning, we are off to my parent's house in Louisiana.

D :)

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