Friday, November 20, 2009

Night Fever

Kiddo-speak for your Friday enjoyment...

After being house-bound with a sick Port all week, we were finally feeling well enough to get out and run some much needed errands. I was ready to go just as the PBS show Dinosaur Train was starting. It is one of Kiddo's favorites right now, and he was pretty upset that I was making him miss it. He pitched a mini fit on the way out, but seemed to forget about it by the time we got in the car. After hitting the bank, we pulled out of the parking lot and the whimpering began.

"Mommy I am crestfallen." {thank you Word Girl}
Why are you crestfallen?
"Mommyyyy...I am so crestfallen!" (whimper, whimper, whine)
Yes Kiddo, I heard you. I know you are upset and I am sorry but we have things we need to do today and we couldn't wait for your show to be over.
"But you made me leave! Now I am going to have nightmares!!" (much wailing and fake crying for several minutes; during which time I am trying not to sigh too loudly as I roll my eyes.)
Then suddenly it is quiet. A long pause and then...

"Mommy, what is a nightmare?"


I hit a wall today. After another sleepless night with Port, a 2AM scream fest from ear pain, and an extremely tired, upset, screaming boy all day today, I am just done. I have spent most of the day crying myself; feeling helpless to make the baby feel better and feeling like a bad mom for constantly brushing off Kiddo so I can try to care for Port.

Kiddo is really acting out about the lack of attention. All week I have been pushing him away and putting him off because if I am able to get the baby settled and off of me for only a minute (and it is never longer than that) I certainly don't want Kiddo all up in my face. I haven't slept all week and I am exhausted and worn out and I need a break. For most of the day Port wasn't eating, he was refusing pain meds and he was still running a 102+ fever. I am forcing him to take the meds, and the screaming and crying that task incurs prolongs the fussiness. He won't nap unless he is on me and I just know this is creating new bad habits that are going to be so hard to break.

After trying different foods all day in an attempt to get him eat and cursing every time he refused and I had to throw something out - I finally found something he would eat.


Seriously! Why didn't I try that first?!? It's quintessential kid food! He gobbled it up.

Thank Goodness!

About 30 minutes later he was energized; running around and smiling! And then he ate everything in the house. I guess after not eating for a few days he had some catching up to do.

This evening has gone much better, but he started to crash again just before bedtime. I am hoping for a peaceful night, but I am not holding my breath.

Wishing you a wonderful weekend!

D :)

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