Wednesday, November 11, 2009

The Climb

From the living room: "Mommy, Mommy look! We're friends!" I round the corner and see this...
Sweetest. Thing. EVER!

This morning, Port figured out how to climb up on the playscape in our yard so he could slide down the big slide.

Scared the buh-jeepers out of me!
{Yes, I know. Mismatched jammies again. It is a sickness.}

I had been lifting him up and putting him at the top and then helping him down. Then he decided he wanted me to set him on the end of the platform so he could walk over to the slide and sit down himself. Then he wanted me to put him at the top of the "rock wall" climbing side so he could take the last couple of steps up to the platform. Then he ran over and climbed up all the way by himself.
Look at that determination!
The boy is nothing if not organized and meticulous.

He still wants me to hold his hand on the way down the slide. I am ok with that. ;-)

It looks like we are going to have to put a safety bar back up on the platform. The drop down if he were to fall off the back (pretty likely considering how narrow the platform actually is and how open the back entrance from the monkey bars is) he could get seriously hurt.

At nap time today you can find me with hammer and nails in the back yard. {in my best Tim Allen man grunt} ahr, ahr, ahr!

The whole thing reminds me of the first time I caught Kiddo on top of the playscape. He was a bit over 2 years old though.

{awwww! vintage Kiddo pictures!! circa September 2006}

I guess Port is ahead of him in the climbing department.

So it looks like I get to play spotter for a couple of weeks until I am confident he isn't going to dive off the platform.

So much for getting any work done.

D :)

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