Saturday, November 07, 2009

Golden Light

Today was a nice day - pretty slow; no demands or important things to do until my session. I managed to get some work done on the computer. Editing on this laptop is almost completely impossible. As soon as I open up photoshop the whole thing starts running at about 1/4 speed (and it's already unreasonably slow). Any time I try to save or majorly alter a photo, the whole thing locks up for about 5 minutes. Needless to say, creating one thing takes for-evah!

My photo session this evening was fun. It was good catching up with an old friend and hanging out with her sweet boy. The botanical gardens we chose to shoot at were gorgeous; a fact driven home by the sheer multitude of professional photographers on the grounds. There was a bridal party, an engagement session, several family sessions and a baby session going on at the same time we were there. Finding space to shoot was quite the challenge.

The worst part though, was that the gardens closed promptly at 5:00. And the best light right now for sunset sessions is between 4:45 and 5:15. The obnoxious person on the loud speaker started barking at everyone to leave at 4:30, even though the parking lot and gated exit were only yards away. The announcement at 4:45 was borderline rude. I am tempted to send an email to the management. When most of the visitors are only 15-20 feet from the parking lot, a 15 minute "everyone needs to leave NOW" is not polite nor necessary. And the tone of the mysterious speaker made it even worse.

Maybe I was just cranky.

It was a bit humorous though that all the regular patrons had left, and only the photographers and their clients remained after the 15 minute warning. None of us were willing to give up that finally nice warm light.

We had dinner at a nearby Cheddar's restaurant with the family. Pretty decent food and great prices. The place was packed as usual. I have never seen so many women wearing bad makeup and gold lame'. And there were fake Coach purses everywhere! Gotta love North Houston!

Tomorrow I have another holiday session and then we are headed home.

D :)


Jen Barnes said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Jen Barnes said...

Oh! I forgot you were in Houston! I started commenting thinking about the Austin Botanical Gardens... about their fees and the garden and the fact that I didn't know they had loudspeakers... haha! :-)

Rachel Anne said...

I thought the Cheddars patrons sounded like they were from Dallas. Ha! You'd have to add cleavage in there too, because that seems to be The Look.

Love you!

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