Tuesday, November 17, 2009


This has been a miserable day. Port and I were up all night. He is still feverish (102 and over since Sunday morning) and pawing at his ears. They have been draining; I am thinking he either has 2 perforated ear drums or the fever is melting all the built up wax. I kept thinking I was going to take him to the doctor, especially after the night we had last night, but for the most part he is acting relatively normal; running around and playing, being silly and laughing. But every hour or so he quiets down and gets fussy. He wants to cuddle on the couch a lot. We fell asleep on the couch together a few times. He had a good nap between 10:30 and 12:30, but when he woke up he was burning up again.

Each time I resolve to call the doctor, he seems to get better. I don't want to take him unless I absolutely have to. Of course, he started going down hill this afternoon at about 4:45 and of course the doctor's office closed at 5. I suppose I should take him in tomorrow no matter what. Three days of 102 fever can't be good for anybody.



Carrie said...

how was Asher today? i hope he is better and you're both getting some rest :) earaches are the worst. I have found Similasan ear drops effective pain relief.......also slighty warmed olive oil "dripped" in with a dropper has helped my kiddos when I didn't have the other.

Julia said...

Oh, poor kid. :( If you suspect that it is a simple ear infection and it is after hours, you could try the Minute Clinics at CVS. I've taken C to one of those when we didn't have a choice other than wait the night out for our pedi or head to ER when it was just an ear infection, and their rates are better than the doctor (with or w/o insurance). At least the one that we went to, the physician's assistant on hand was very thorough. Hope Port is doing better today.

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