Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Throwing Stones

I guess it wouldn't be a normal week if little Port made it through without a head wound.

Yesterday the boys were playing in the back yard, and for some unknown reason, Kiddo decided to throw a huge rock at Port's head.

And by huge, I mean about 6 inches long by about 4 inches wide and several inches thick.

It hit little Port right on the head, just at his hair line.

I was in the house with the back door open. I heard Kiddo grunt as if he was exerting some effort, then a loud thud, then my baby screaming.

As soon as I got to the door, Kiddo was already running half way across the yard, away from his brother, looking for a place to hide.

Upon first inspection I couldn't find anything wrong with Port, but he kept rubbing his head. Soon enough the goose egg was rising.

He is fine, but I was beyond mad. He could have been really hurt. It could have been really, really bad.

I just don't understand what on earth could have possessed my 5 year old to do such a thing. Not only is throwing anything except soft and light balls strictly prohibited at our house, but throwing things AT people is at the top of the most heinous of crimes list. And he knew he did something very very wrong the instant the rock left his hands because he was already sprinting away to the nearest hiding place.

Was this the eruption of pent up frustration? Jealousy? Was it a hurtful gesture or playtime gone awry?

Well whatever it was, I was left with finding an appropriate and memorable punishment.

Oh the joys of motherhood.

I had to get past some of the anger first. That took a while.

Once past it, I had to once again figure out the "currency".

Well, anyone who knows my son knows he loves his costumes. The boy has been wearing the Batman suit since Saturday.


So, the first part of the punishment is that all the costumes; the super suits, the capes, the masks, the costume accessories - all of it goes away until next Friday.

Oh the wailing that part of the punishment brought.

And my dear friend Kim had the brilliant idea for phase 2 of the punishment.

He is to pick up all the rocks in our back yard and put them in one pile.


Most of you haven't seen my back yard, have you?


I know, I am evil.

But think about it. After a week or so of picking up heavy rocks and hauling them across our ginormous, ruggedly terrain-ed yard and stacking them up - don't you think he will think twice about throwing a rock next time??

Oh yes he will.

Now, lest you think I really am some evil woman and you think about calling the authorities on me - I am not going to make him pick up every single rock.


But he will remember this, and he will learn from it.

In some cases...child labor rocks!

{no pun intended. maybe} ;-)

D ;)


Julia said...

Oh, how I feel your pain on this one. We just went through a round of this last week where Chloe lost all her ponies for doing the same, throwing something at her baby brother. If you figure out why this happens, let me know.

J. Nalley said...

What a great "related" consequence! He can do my yard next - haha We've actually considered holding a playdate where the kids have to race the rocks to our rock pile. :-)

TitanKT said...

Bravo! I've had to curtail my son's love of socializing and talking as that has been interfering with school work, etc.

So his punishment, in addition to losing TV and video game privileges, is that he may not talk. At all. That's right up there with no costumes.

jhjohnstone said...

Way to go, Momma! I often have trouble coming up with appropriate punishments because my kids don't have any true "favorite" things. I might have to incorporate some yard work into the next round of punishment!

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