Friday, November 09, 2007

Highway Man

An open letter to the guy on the freeway...

Dear Sir (or Madam),
Did you not see the gigantic 18-wheeler in front of me tonight? Did you not notice that we were in heavy traffic? Did you not realize that riding my tail for over an hour wasn't going to get me to move any faster, nor was it going to get me out of your way because we were surrounded by cars and concrete?? Sir, I beg of you - in the future, please do not torture your fellow driver so by driving mere inches from their back bumpers! You are in a taller vehicle; did you not realize that your headlights practically blinded me for over 60 miles?

I understand that you are the center of the universe and your obligations of getting home so you can guzzle beer in front of your wide screen far outweigh the safety of me and my unborn child, but could you, for one moment perhaps, think of that poor trucker? He's been up for 48 hours straight and is high on speed - give the man some room!

I hope that you made it to your destination in time. I hope that you made it there safely. I feel for the next person that gets trapped in front of you.

Thoughtfully yours,
D :)


Michelle said...

I just found your blog thru the Texas Bloggers! It's great, well done! I realized I had made a similar post about this very thing!! It's here:
Come by and visit my blog! I've also added you as a friend!! :)

ImBlessed2x said...

Aw, see now? The last thing I said to you was to drive safely! I jinxed it. Shouldn't I have known better? So sorry my friend. :(

Hope the shoot is going well!!! Can't wait to hear from you about it when you get back :)

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