Monday, November 05, 2007

I Shall Be Released

So I guess you may be wondering why I am so excited that it is November. Well, there are lots of reasons.

1) Supposedly this is the month all my Medicaid stuff kicks in - that is, I will officially be on a "plan" and hopefully I can go to my old OB and then to a referred, desperately needed specialist. I am excited that this baby might finally get the care he needs.

2) I am busy. I know it sounds strange, but I have at least 4 photo shoots booked to happen in the next 2 weeks and I am going to be swamped!! But, it is totally a good thing and I am looking forward to it.

3) 2 of the aforementioned photo shoots are taking place in Dallas. I am so excited to have a chance to get away (without the Hubby or the Kiddo) for a couple of days. Even though I will be working, it is basically my one and only chance to get any kind of break since the Kiddo was born; and it is the one and only chance for a break that I will get for a long time. Because, let's be honest, once baby #2 gets here my life will not be my own anymore. What very little "me time" I have now will be non-existent. I won't get breaks, I won't get sleep, and I certainly won't get to do anything without another little being strapped to me for quite some time. I NEED this getaway to Dallas. I deserve some time alone.

4) November is the start of the "holiday season" for me!! I love everything about this time of year. I can't wait to pull out my holiday music cds and sing my little heart out. It does make me a bit sad in that I am reminded that I am not involved in any sort of choir, but I can get over it. I know a lot of people don't like looking at and being bombarded with all the Christmas stuff before Black Friday - but I say bring it on!!! (just not before November 1st, ok? Santa should never be placed along side the Grim Reaper - that's all I'm sayin' about that.) Thanksgiving wouldn't be the same without the decorations and family and food and I think all of that ties in with Christmas too. You can't have on without the other. As a matter of fact, I dreamt I was singing Christmas music last night. It is time!

5) Of course I have to say I am excited about November because of NaBloPoMo! I love participating, making new friends and discovering fabulous new blog reads.

There is more, but the Kiddo is yanking on my leg and typing has become difficult. Besides, if I write too much now, I won't have anything for tomorrow, right?!?

What are you thankful for this month? What gets you excited? I'd love to hear your thoughts.

D :)

1 comment:

Jen said...

Glad to hear all your medicaid stuff is finally on the move! Hmmm, what am I thankful for? Gosh, so much. I guess today, that I have kept this baby past the 3 month mark. It was a relief to hear the heartbeat loud and clear. I too love November/December. I did not used to. But since I had Joei, man, that has changed! I love seeing her excited! Great post, thanks!

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