Friday, November 16, 2007

New Day

Oh what a day. I was finally able to get an appointment with my old OB, and it was this morning. Poor Kiddo had to go with me and endure an hour and a half wait in the exam room before the doctor came in. Poor little guy, he was bored to death. I brought some things for him to do but it just wasn't enough to hold his interest. I think next time I will have to plan ahead and pack some totally new coloring books or something.

Anyway, I am so relieved now to know I have someone on the same page as me. The doctor listened to (and heard) my concerns and we decided together on a game plan of sorts for this pregnancy. He told me that most of the time Lupus pregnancies are just like any other, and as long as we are watching for and prepared for anything that could happen we should be ok. He wants to put together a team of sorts; a perinatologist, a rheumatologist and himself - and familiarize everyone with my particular case so that we are all up to speed when the time comes. I think that is a fabulous idea. He asked me to schedule a Level 2 Ultrasound for two weeks from now so that the baby's heart and kidneys can be thoroughly looked at and also so I can get a good measurement on this gigantic kid. He also has referred me to a rheumatologist so I can give him/her my history. As for the history of pre-eclampsia, he suggested that we might have me take a baby aspirin a day. Apparently there is something about aspirin that makes you produce the enzyme/hormone/something I can't remember that women who develop pre-e are lacking. Did that make sense? Anyway, I tend to bleed a lot so we are going to consult with the other "team" members to see if that is a viable option. It may just be that I have to taper it toward the end.

So, today I feel much more confident in my care. I am hoping Medicaid doesn't kick back all these referrals - please pray that I will not have too much trouble getting things covered. Most everyone I have talked to in similar situations says they had no trouble getting things paid for, but I am skeptical because of all the issues I've had thus far. I'm honestly beginning to think that it is the TX system, (specifically my county) and not Medicaid as a whole that has the problems. But, that is neither here nor there, I just need to be diligent and calm and patient and , and, and...yeah. Please pray for my sanity!

So I guess that is the update. The rest of my week has looked like this:
  • My neighbor and friend is gone. I am just so deeply saddened. I couldn't even tell her goodbye. She is not a crier and I am so we just hugged quickly and turned away. I can't believe she's gone.
  • Kiddo is having potty training issues. He has had an accident every day this week. I think he is just too busy playing to get to the bathroom in time. On the other hand, he has been waking up dry almost every morning! Go figure!
  • The car. My word, where do I start? I had issues in Dallas. We thought we kind of had it figured out. Then yesterday on the way home from the grocery store it flat out died on me. while I was going 40mph. dead. I coasted off the road, put it in park and started it up again. It ran fine all the way home. I am totally baffled.

Ack there is more but this is depressing me. I have a busy weekend ahead and need to focus people!

Talk to you tomorrow.


D :)


ImBlessed2x said...

yeAAAA- An OB with a BRAIN!
I'm so happy for you :)

Heather said...

Medicaid is usually very good about covering anything that needs to be covered.

I'm glad you got back to your old OB who knows your history!

And I'm getting to try for my VBAC, whoo hoo! See, we're not all screwed by being on medicaid ;)

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