Tuesday, November 06, 2007

See Sassy

I hate shopping for maternity clothes.

Seriously. It is the most ridiculous thing in the world. They are ugly, they don't ever fit right, and frankly, why on earth would I want to spend so much money on something I am only going to be able to wear for about 6 months?? It's insanity.

But, unfortunately, I need them. There isn't much more doctoring I can do with my regular clothes that doesn't leave me looking like a hillbilly with a rope belt. No offense to hillbillies or anything, just not the look I'm going for.

I was finally able to get all of my maternity clothes back from my friend in Houston, and sadly opened the container only to find that almost every shirt in there was either a tank top or was sleeveless.

Oh, yeah, I was pregnant in the summer last time. Doh!

So.....I guess I need to acquire something with a bit more warmth if I plan to go out of the house this winter. drat.

So I've been looking, and looking and though I have found a couple of things I might like, I refuse, refuse to spend over $30 on a shirt for crying out loud. I did however spend $32 on an absolutely fabulous pair of maternity jeans yesterday. It about killed me.

As most of you know I am a tall girl. 6' to be exact. And though that may not seem terribly tall by today's standards, if you knew the length of my inseam your eyes would open far to wide. So, finding jeans is a feat in of itself, but maternity jeans...next to impossible. However, I stumbled into Old Navy the other day and noticed they had low rise maternity jeans (this means the waist goes under the belly - woo hoo! No big, stupid, rolling down all the time panel!) AND they came in long lengths! *angels singing "Hallelujah!!, Hallelujah!!"* I was a bit discouraged though in that they were sized S, M, L - but thankfully the Small size fit me perfectly! So I spent the money. I will now be living in these jeans until March. Sorry if that offends you.

My experience at Old Navy with the girl running the dressing room left little to be desired, and if that wasn't the only Old Navy that sold maternity in town I would never return. But that is a story not worth telling.

Thankfully, the thing about maternity clothes is that most women are kind enough to share their wardrobes, and pass them around from preggo to preggo. And, consignment shops are a great place to find gently used maternity as well. I just haven't had the funds to spare for clothing at the moment so mismatched and awkward I go; dressing for comfort and coverage, rather than dressing to be the "cute pregnant lady".

Of course I guess that's not far from my daily, non-pregnant attire too...

D :)


kimberly said...

EBAY!!! Great resource for maternity, in my opinion. I'd share mine with you but I'm certain they would NOT fit you. :)

Evolutionary Revolutionary said...

Seriously. Not that I have been pregnant yet but I think that I would definitely do all my shopping at Amazon.com, ebay, and Overstock.com. I would only by dresses and legging things. Pregnant women should not have fashion requirements, IMHO.

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