Sunday, November 18, 2007

Little Sister

Hubby and I survived the church nursery this morning. Hubby ended up in Kiddo's room and I was next door. He actually liked being in there because he could watch how Kiddo interacted with all the other kids and also how he behaved. For some reason lately, Kiddo has been terribly moody; he will tell us he's sad and will burst into tears for no apparent reason at least once a day. I don't know if he is just trying to understand everything that is going on with the neighbors moving, or if it is because we have all been very busy and Mommy and Daddy both have gone out of town a couple of times, or what. Maybe it is just a growth spurt or a faze, but whatever it is, today was no exception and Hubby said Kiddo burst into tears on a couple of occasions during Sunday School. He also said Kiddo wasn't really interested in the songs or the other kids; that he just kind of kept to himself and was in his own little world. The disconnect doesn't surprise me much, Hubby stays in that private little world a lot so I know where that comes from (and I mean that in the best way, Dear). But not being interested in the music was a bit shocking because Kiddo sings all the songs at home all the time with such passion and joy.

I was christened at the very beginning of the class when a little girl had to go potty. Since women are the only ones who can take the little ones to the restroom and I was the only woman in the room, I had to take her in. They have these little shared bathrooms between the classrooms that have a real, little potty and a couple of portable kid training potties. The real potty was occupied so I had to put her on the trainer. Let me just say, without going into too much detail that it was not pleasant and there was lots to clean. *ahem* I mean, I wouldn't mind that if it were my own child, but it was just a bit nauseating cleaning up after someone else. My hat is off to the janitors of the world. I could not do your job. I think the worst part was that even in potty training the Kiddo I never had to clean out the little training potty. He just preferred the big potty so it was not an issue. I think I got REAL lucky!

So lunch was filled with conversation about the kids we watched and all the things that happened. I am very proud of Hubby for making it through and actually getting somewhat involved (whether he wanted to or not!). I know how nervous he was.

I had another photo shoot this afternoon. The weather is really testing my faith right now - but once again we managed to get a good hour in and the rain held off. The clouds were actually beneficial in that they evened out all the light and kept me from getting nasty shadows.

So that is the update. I am sorry I am not more interesting, but it is late and I have been editing all afternoon and my brain is fried. Maybe I can get some early posts in this week that will be a bit more thought provoking. Ahh, who am I kidding?

I appreciate your loyalty though. Thanks for reading.

D :)

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