Thursday, November 01, 2007

Sweet and Salty

That's my boy. He is goodness and light, aggravation and frustration. He can make me crack up laughing, smile through tears or pull my hair out all in the course of a few minutes.

Yesterday was a trying day; he whined and fussed and fought me tooth and nail on every issue. I banished him to his room more times than I can count. I threatened punishment and followed through and it broke my heart much more than his. His memory for these things is short. He doesn't stay angry for long. I wish I had that talent.

But today, today was different. He has been sweet and easy going and kind. He has been funny and silly and loving. His troubles with constipation have gone the other direction today - perhaps all this sweetness is from not feeling well. He says he's ok though, so who knows.

It is fun to watch him swing back and forth on the pendulum. I guess he is still trying to figure out who he is; testing boundaries and my patience; trying to find his own limits as well.

Last night we went trick or treating for the first time. We only hit a few houses and spent the rest of the night handing out candy to the local kids. He loved having all those kids coming to the door and was so very sad when they stopped coming. He really wanted to hang out in the driveway all night, talking to people and watching them walk past our house. He loves to be on the fringes of social activity. hmmm, that sounds familiar...

Anyway, I promised some pictures and so here they are. My boy is getting so big!

Salty...I asked him to show me his muscles!

Sweet.... a cute face. :)

His first ever trick or treat! (he got a treat of course!)

So today I watched as he indulged in his one piece of candy for the day. It was a small bag of Runts he got last night. He eagerly munched down on several pieces and then, very gently placed the 3/4 full bag on the table next to me. He proceeded then to steal my snack, some chex mix.

Sweet and Salty. That's my boy.


D :)


Rachelle G. said...

Okay, until I saw the pictures, I wasn't sure if you were talking about your husband or your son, LOL! That WAS your son, wasn't it? Adorable post & pics.

Julia said...

Those are the sweetest pictures of S in the Mr. Incredibles outfit. :)

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