Monday, November 10, 2008

Box of Rain

Why is it that I can wrack (rack? wreck? what is the correct term there?) my brain for hours trying to come up with an inexpensive solution to my problem, come up dry and then go spend money that I cannot afford, only to walk out of the store and suddenly figure out the solution??



And why is it every time something like this happens I neglected to get a receipt for the items I bought and I cannot return them?


Long story short - client order, expensive shipping, big box, only charged so much, spent half the payment on BIG box to ship, then walked out of the store, drove home and realized I could ship in several smaller (free) boxes and save myself a lot in shipping.

And now I have a $15, 24x24x24 box sitting in my living room.

Anybody need a box?

D :)


C. L. Fry said...

Then to find out you didn't have to ship it in the first place...

Mollie said...

bwaha ha ha.

You know I'm having the same issues. Darn these out of town clients!!

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