Thursday, November 13, 2008

Make Some Noise

Oh my gosh - Thanksgiving is two weeks from today! Can you believe it? And you do realize that once we get past turkey day things will fly at warp speed to Christmas?!? Mercy.

The voices in my head are screaming! Work Me is telling me to quit blogging and get to work. Mommy Me is telling me to quit blogging and go throw another load of diapers in the wash. Wife Me is telling me to pick up the house some, turn on my scentsy burner and start thinking about dinner. Personal Me is screaming to get off Facebook and do something productive for all the other Mes. Holiday Loving Me is screaming "Santa Clause Is Coming to Town" in a very obnoxious singing voice.

My mental jukebox is playing Christmas tunes, AND a great song I heard over on Rachel Anne's page called Mighty To Save.


It's too noisy in here.

D :)

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