Tuesday, November 11, 2008

It's Your Move

Ok, so obviously since this is NaBloPoMo I have to post every day and because of this my posts are not always going to be interesting - case in point, my last post.


I really just wanted to get caught up.

Anywho, not much going on here at the moment. I am busy editing a client session and also trying to get some good images from my own family session on Sunday. Port is still not sleeping very well - last night was our best night yet because he slept in the crib for a whole 3 hours. I put a big pillow under his sheet so he would sleep in a semi-upright position. I'm not sure if that was the magic pill, but he seemed to go down a bit easier. Hubby had napped him in the swing on Saturday when I was on my shoot, and it kinda messed up his naps. He hasn't napped for more than 45 minutes at a time since. I refuse to put him back in the swing; he really is too big for it anyway.

Some of the ladies I talk to online on another board think that Port being in the same room with us could be contributing to the problem. I still maintain that he can smell me because pretty much every night when I come in the room to go to bed he wakes up. Last night we had clean sheets and I had on clean pjs, so I am guessing my scent wasn't as strong.

So anyway, I would love to move Port out of our room; I tend to agree with my friends that sharing a room with him is probably not ideal. I had a little talk with Kiddo to see if he would be open to sharing a room and he seemed positive about it. Of course, that may all change if we start moving his toys out of his room to make room for a crib. Our other options are to put a pack-n-play in the living room or to finally clean out our spare room. I think we are going to make our dining room into our official office soon so it could eventually happen. We just have to move some things around first.

Hubby finished our wood floors a couple of weeks ago (well in the living and dining room anyway) and I absolutely love them! The problem is, I am also loving not having much furniture in here, and so moving everything back in is going reeeeeeeeally slow. We do plan on getting rid of a few pieces, and we moved the placement of the couch and entertainment center. I really love it.

So, if we can actually get the office moved and the extra furniture sold we will have a room to put one of the boys in. I do think that Port will sleep better on his own, without the constant noises of two other people sleeping in the same room.

I certainly hope something changes soon. This is way worse than the newborn stage. He was such a champion sleeper when we brought him home. I wonder what happened.

D :)


Vick said...

Sorry Port's not sleeping well :( Hope it improves soon!

Jenn said...

My Miss A did the same thing. I worried when she was a newborn that she slept too much! HA-foolish me! We had her in our room for a good while, but I think her trouble started after her move. She would wake up approx. 1.5 seconds after I laid down, every night! I swear she could feel it!
Anyway-I determined after awhile that her 3-4 wakes per night was habit. Port may be too young for this yet? But I eventually had to let her cry some.
Good luck-hang in there! Does he sleep better on days that you have some outside playtime?

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