Sunday, November 09, 2008

Talk About It

So we missed church today so Hubby could work on the van. Thankfully it didn't take too long to fix. I spent most of the morning trying not to lose what little sanity I have left. Port is still not sleeping.

Kiddo has become quite the chatter box. He talks CONSTANTLY. He talks when no one is listening. He talks over you if you are talking to someone else and he talks while you are talking to him. He wakes up in the morning and lays in bed talking to his stuffed animals. He talks to the dog and the cat and when he can't find anyone else to talk to, he picks up his Cars cell phone and calls people.

"Mommy I talking to Jordan. Hi Jordan! Yeah. I know. Well, it was here de udder day. Ok Jordan, I will see you Sunday. We're going to have a sleep over. Blah, blah, blah. Blah, blah, blah, blah (I'm not just putting "blah" here in place of words - he actually says "blah"). Ok Jordan. Ok. Talk to you later. Bye."

I never want to be the kind of mom that tells her kid to "shut up" but holy mackerel that kid drives me to it! I have bit my lip so many times recently. I know he is starved for attention and I would love to be able to give it to him - I try, but he is kind of like our dog right now. You give him a little attention and he wants more, more, more! It is never enough to play a game or talk to him for a while. As soon as I need to tend to something or take care of Port he has a melt down. I try to involve him in as much as I can; I make him my helper for a lot of things.

I am also trying to point out all the things he can do because he is a big boy and all the things Port can't because he is a baby. Sometimes it helps a little bit.

This evening we made attempt number two at the family photos. This session went better than the first, but I am still not sure we have anything for Christmas cards. I am thinking of making the card entirely out of outtakes.

Here is one I got of the boys though - so cute!I will look over the rest and share a few later.

D :)


C. L. Fry said...

Wow, that's a really bad photo of me. I look like... ugh... well, I look like Rush Limbaugh. Can you at least put some hair on my head? I think the camera left it off.

TitanKT said...

You do NOT look like Rush Limbaugh. Goodness! You look like a grown up version of that little baby in your arms. If you didn't have teeth and stuff... well, it would be a little scary how much you look alike. LOL!

Dawn, you wouldn't be a normal mom if you didn't tune out that constant chatter sometimes. Michael gets like that, too, and most of the time I try to pay attention and talk back and actually converse with him. Even when he's talking about his car racing video games and I have no idea. But every once in a while when it's clear he's just talking to hear himself talk and I can't take another second, I say, "Michael!" And he says, "Yes, ma'am?" I say... "Shhhhh." And he quiets. Ahhhh, lovely quiet.

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